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TheAverageBBUser 04-30-2010 05:27 AM

Question about "IT Policy -- Disabled" and if I have IT Policy
When I go into the options, then i enter status, I type in the key BUYR to reveal extra information.

For Data Usage: I have a reading. For Voice usage, I have a reading. Under voice usage, I get an entry called IT Policy. The value for the IT Policy is 'disabled'.

Does this mean that there is no IT Policy in place in my phone, and that there will never be any way to activate any sort of IT Policy, or someone pushing applications to my blackberry without my consent?

My next important question is whether or not having the entry " Policy -- disabled", indicate that an IT Policy had (at some point in time) been in place for the phone? Should this entry not exist at all if the phone is new and has never had IT Policy set in its lifetime out of the factory?

Or do all new blackberries have this 'IT Policy" entry under status, whether or not it was ever set up with an IT Policy or not?

Finally, I was wondering what are comprehensive steps into checking whether one's BB has an active IT Policy, and also whether it had ever in the device's lifetime, had any IT Policy.

My Blackberry is a Bold 9700. Thanks~!

TXLady 04-30-2010 01:53 PM

Disabled is the default status - meaning no IT policy applied. (My personal phone has disabled while my work phone has enabled.) If you ever connect to a BES, you will probably have one applied. Don't connect your BB to a BES and you don't have to worry about it. Since you don't "accidentally" connect a BB to a BES, I guess that equates to no one would be able to send an IT Policy to it without your consent.

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