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Budman182 05-21-2010 05:19 AM

Shortcut keys in media player not working after OS Upgrade

I recently upgraded my OS on my Blackberry BOLD 9700 to v5.0.0.586 (Platform Previously I think it was a 4. something. Anyway, before I used to be able to change song using the Volume Keys (Up changed the song forward, Down changed the song back/restarted the song). The mute key also paused the music. I could do this from any screen even when it was locked.

This functionality doesn't appear to be working after the upgrade. The install went through successfully and everything else works fine. I've tried restarting the phone and doing battery pulls but nothing has worked.

Any ideas?


Motorcycle Mama 05-21-2010 05:34 AM

Pressing and HOLDING the volume key up or down advances/restarts the song. Are you saying that HOLDING the key doesn't produce this?

Budman182 05-21-2010 09:02 AM

Yup, the volume keys are of absolutely no function unless in the media player.

i.e. in the media player pressing up will increase volume and holding it will move to the next track. pressing down will decrease volume and holding it will move to the previous track.

if I am not in the media player, say on the home screen, message screen or on lock, then the volume keys are completely useless. They won't increase or decrease volume from pressing or change track from holding.

The phone was fully functional pre-update and it is only after the update that this has happened.

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