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dcushing 12-29-2005 07:12 PM

badmailfrom replies - cannot email work
I have a 7100 on T-Mobile. I have set up a blackberry email account. I have also set up my work email account on it and can receive emails from this account fine. What I cannot do is reply to or write to any work address using this account. It bounces back saying I'm on the badmailfrom list.

Our email server is qmail. The badmailfrom list includes the work domain to prevent email address spoofing. Two ways I know to get around this are 1) set up the blackberry to authenticate to our SMTP server and use it to send email, or 2) use the balckberry account with a Reply To address of the work address (a method available in many email clients).

T-mobile and RIM say that there is no way to use another SMTP server.

Setting up the Reply To also changes the Return Path, so I still get the badmailfrom reply (headers sent to a gmail account from both work account and blackberry account are identical...they shouldn't be. Return path should be blackberry account.) RIM says there is nothing they can do.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and what is the solution?

I am not using BES, just Internet Email.

BTW - I have three associates with Blackberries at work and they all can write to and reply to email with a reply address of their work address. Two of these use T-Mobile, but they first configured them back when T-mobile still used the Blackbery Web Client interface, and not the current Blackberry Internet Email Interface. The other has a Cingular account, which still uses trhe Blackberry Web Client interface and has ALOT more configuration options than T-Mobile supplies.

Please help.

many thanks

nb_mitch 12-29-2005 09:28 PM

Never heard this one before, I know when I first set mine up on the Cingular BIS, I could receive but not send until I sent the service books from the webclient to the BB, after that everything was fine.

dcushing 12-30-2005 12:28 PM

Yeah it seems to be a toughy. I had already sent the Service Booksw, but tried it luck.



dcushing 12-30-2005 04:14 PM

Our sysadmin found a work-around. In the tcp.smtp file of /etc/tcprules.d, set the ip address of the RIM servers as local. Now, anytime email comes from one of these RIM servers, the email server will treat it as local to our network.


Berry One 12-30-2005 05:12 PM

The only problem with that workaround is every time RIM adds/removes/moves RIM mail servers your sysadmin may have to update configuration file.

fsaldain 01-19-2006 09:19 PM

i am having a similar issue. i have setup my work email ( to forward to my [email address] account. i can receive email just fine - almost instantly. i have set the reply to field in the BIS to my [email address], the problem is that the RIM/Tmobile email server uses this both as reply to and from fields. my work email server is using SPF (spam filtering) and checks to make sure that the DNS that it was sent from matches the from field. in my case they don't match, the DNS shows it's from, while the from field is showing

i suspect that i will not have any luck calling tmobile, but will give it a shot.

has anyone managed to find a work around to this? it seems to me that this is a screw up on RIM/Tmobile side that should eventually get fixed.


rmockler 01-29-2006 01:31 AM

I have a related but possibly weirder problem (7105t, mail server is communigate pro, using BIS not enterprise, through T-Mobile):
* I can receive email fine
* I can send mail to people OTHER than those using my server -- mail which then immediately shows up in my sent mail folder on the server
* Users on my server (i.e., in my company) do not receive the emails I send, while everyone else does
My tech person, already peeved because I didn't get the company standard Treo, isn't much help but says the problem is I need to be able to configure the SMTP authentication and port settings ... which doesn't seem possible. Anyone a) have related problem, or b) know how to do this?

ronaldstagg 03-16-2006 02:52 AM

I believe fsaldain is on the right track with SPF (sender policy framework). I am an email admin tracking down a similar issue.

We use exchange and have the BB's config'd to use OWA over an SSL connection for security. I've found that when users send to certain email domains using SPF on their mail gateways, that mail bounces. however, sent via our internal network (using outlook) it flows just fine.

I did some tests and found that the BB relays the message to the destination but masquerades our domain to make it look like it came from us. (which is actually one of the mechanisms spammers use)

When the gateway receives the message, it checks OUR SPF record via DNS, finds that it wasn't sent by our actual email server and then fails.

The fix is to change the SPF record to include the list of servers that RIM uses to relay mails as servers that are authorized to send mail from the masqueraded domain. (visit to generate a new record)

However, I am looking for the list of all the servers that RIM uses so I can change our SPF record.

rmockler, you be having the same issues. ask your admin if there is an NDR generated, if so, try and see if you can get ahold of it and maybe I can help you dissect.

just saw this post while doing my research and thought it might help.

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