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Blackberry eco-friendly cable - CSQUID review
I was hoping that someone else was going to do a review on what was requested on some other forums but since no one has, I will give it a go. Before I start, please bear in mind that I have not done any product reviews before and I am a total non-tech person. So please forgive the lack of any deeply technical insights.
I got the APPLE+MICRO version on Amazon for my Apple IPOD and Blackberry (there is also a mini+micro version available for non apple people). This version also comes with an adapter that works for some of the older devices (they call is a microB-to miniB whatever that means) and a BAG.
There are 2 switches on the side - one to select the cable (A/microB) and one to select the mode (Greenchg/Syncchg). When the device is set to Greenchg, I do not need to have my PC on, it can charge even when it is sleeping. Another good thing in this setting is that I can charge from any PC without installing the blackberry software. It does not look for the software for some reason (my lack of knowledge here hurts ... sorry). So I can charge from any PC.
In the Synccharge mode the PC must be on to charge and make backups/ upload files

The BONUS revelation I just found is that this also works with the IPAD. The cable that came with the IPAD would not allow me to charge from my Dell - I need to use a wall adapter. But the CSQUID does allow me to charge in the Greencharge mode. It does not allow me to do it from the synccharge mode but I do not know why.

The mfr also says that it allows charge from depleted batteries. I do not really understand what all that means but I put it here in case you do :) I thought that my regular USB cable also allows me to charge batteries when my phone is dead .... kinda the point.

My car has a USB port so I tried that and turns out that I can also charge from that port (only in green charge mode.....again I do not understand why sync charge does not work). Cool thing is that I do not need to use the cigarette lighter cable to charge anymore

Looks and buildwise it seems to be good quality matt black finish. So far no issues with things breaking but then I only had it for a few days. It fits nicely into the bag so it is very compact. The one thing though is that the text on the side is a bit on the small side. I can read it but have to squint. Wish it was a teeny bit bigger but this is a minor point.

Well thats all folks. Please feel free to add anything. I know that there are a lot of holes in the explanation but I was trying to state it from a user experience rather than from a tech side (which I cant do anyway :)

tsac 07-02-2010 04:54 PM

This is from the agreen web site. the company who makes the product. It does not work unless the USB port has power. A lot of PC's do not so I guess this is their disclaimer.
Looks like a nice product anyway.

If there is power present on the USB port, the green LED on the CSQUIDTM will light up. If there is no power present when the PC/laptop is in standby - contact your PC maker to determine how to turn on USB power when the PC is in standby.

Set the switch to 'microB'

Select the mode to either CHARGE or SYNC.

USB device is charged both when the PC/laptop is ON or in standby as long as there is power on the USB port.
No additional software required to be able to charge in this mode.

The CSQUIDTM behaves like a standard USB cable and can charge the device or synchronize data when the PC/laptop is on. (The PC/laptop cannot be in standby in this mode) 07-08-2010 06:47 AM

USB power
I have 2 desktops (Acer, Dell) and 4 notebooks (Lenovo X200, Acer 3810, Dell D610 and Sony). After reading this I tried played with all of them and here are the results

1) All of them except for the Dell had power when the PC is in standby.
2) The Lenovo was a bit strange. It had power when the AC adapter was plugged in but not when it was disconnected. It also seems like the DOCK USB power runs from the PC so I cannot keep the dock plugged in and charge without the PC
3) Dell was an OLD system so it did not have the option of leaving USB power ON

After investigating some more and talking to a buddy who helps with PC design in Taiwan, here are some of the conclusions I came to (if incorrect please feel free to correct and I will recheck things with him)
1) Almost every desktop will have USB power available in standby IF it is turned on in the BIOS. There is an option to turn this off.
2) Different notebook makers approach things differently.
- Most of the top 5 notebooks sellers ACER, HP, LENOVO and APPLE all have power when the AC adapter is plugged in and PC is in standby(Dell below is the exception). But this power does NOT mean you can charge your devices with a regular USB cable because the USB chips are off.
- LENOVO does NOT have power when the adapter is not plugged in but does supply it when the adpater is in
- APPLE and ACER do have power when the PC is in standby even when AC adapter is present
- DELL does something completely different with something called POWERSHARE. I still cannot understand what this is but it looks like it is supposed to be able to charge any phone when the PC is off. But it does not do as advertised - FALSE ADVERTISING??....NO WAY!!! :smile:

My buddy also tells me that according to USB standards, they are supposed to have this standby power to enable wake on USB. But not all PC makers do this....

Hope this helps..


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