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jrice8002003 07-01-2010 06:59 PM

Verizon 160 SMS character limit even more difficult to work around on OS 5.0
I'm relatively new to OS 5.0, so perhaps this isn't a new complaint out there. I love the messaging on's exactly what it should have been a long time ago. The threaded messaging gives regular SMS more of a BBM flavor. However, I'm finding it pretty difficult to send messages over 160 characters.

On my old Curve, I had a decent work-around. If I was approaching the character limit in an SMS, I would "Save as Draft", open up a new SMS and add the same recipients, finish my thought, "Save as Draft" again, and then send them in order. The reason I liked this method is that I could organize my message just how I like it, and the people I'm sending it to receive it all together, rather than minutes apart as I finish my thoughts on a follow-up SMS. A pretty annoying process, but I got pretty good at it and it worked pretty well for me.

Now I have the Bold 9650 on 5.0. Like I said, it's great, but I'm not able to "Save as Draft" anymore...looks like they've done away with that feature. So lately what I've been doing is opening up the memo pad and typing my message in full, then copy/pasting it into the SMS area and sending it in pieces. This is a daunting process.

I've tried CrunchSMS, and it was nice to have on my Curve for a while, but I got sick of the ad banner they put on a recent update in an attempt to get you to upgrade to the paid version. And at the end of the day, I really don't want to use a third party app for SMS.

What are some methods you guys have found useful when trying to send 160+ messages? MMS is not the solution for me. Thoughts?

johnling 07-01-2010 07:24 PM

Just use email.

wcr3d 07-01-2010 08:15 PM

Wirelessly posted

Why not mms? Very small piece of your data plan.

penguin3107 07-01-2010 08:27 PM


paramedic233 07-01-2010 09:05 PM


jrice8002003 07-01-2010 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by johnling (Post 1624566)
Just use email.

Would I have to add "" to all my Verizon friends, etc.? Not big on that.

A lot of the reason why I don't use MMS for a situation like this is that ofen times I don't intend to go over the character limit at the begining of a message, but it ends up running long. Plus, like I said, I love the SMS setup on 5.0, and would like to use it (and not CrunchSMS, as mentioned before). And would using MMS come through looking like a PIX MSG on a non-BlackBerry user's phone? That's what it does whenever someone sends me a PIX MSG or pic through MMS when I respond. I always close their message and reply with an SMS.

I was mainly looking for a hint/tip/trick within the actual SMS area...thought I might be missing something. I don't understand why the "Save as Draft" was done away with. When you click the Escape key in the middle of a message, it does automatically save your message, which is nice...but if you try to start up a fresh message with a list of the same recipients, it takes you back to your original message. So as far as I can tell, there isn't a way to do what I had described earlier.

It's not a huge deal by any means. Just thought I'd see if I was missing something.

jsconyers 07-01-2010 10:12 PM

Have you looked at Beyond160? I used to use it on my 8330. It gets around this very nicely.

Not sure how it works on 5.0.

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