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edfx21 01-04-2006 10:31 AM

Help chose device for my boss
Hello all. I'm kind of New to this Blackberry stuff so i will need some opinions.

Well i work as IT guy in a corp and my Boss asked me to research what device can meet hes needs

1. I need to replicate his old palm Contacts Data to new Blackbery. I did some research and have seen that it's possible with newer models.

2. He wants to share his contact data with his assistant. For example if he ads a contact or adds a phone number hes assistant Blackbery device has to have this change replicated wiresly ASAP. This is very important

3. The device has to be bilanguage. He has contacts in his palmpilot that has been added in russian and english. Now he does not want to change between modes, he wanst the device to show bouth languges at the same time. IF contact was addesd in russian it should display so and same for english. Is this to much to ask?

4.Device has to have security lockout feature.

5. And usual stuff he needs to check email from his local office and use it as a phone. Now we wont have a server runing because there is only two devices. Can anyone sugest provider? Verizon vs Nextel

Now what Blackberry model could meet all these need?
Your help is greatly apreciated 8-)

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