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Ryan8700 07-14-2010 10:55 AM

9700 refuses to let me access media card via desktop!
What is wrong here?! I have all of the correct settings: Media card support ON, Mass Storage Mode Support ON, Auto enable mass storage mode when connected YES, yet it does NOT appear on my desktop on either Mac nor Windows.

In Memory, if I click menu and then press "Enable USB Mass Storage" it asks for my password which I enter successfully, but then nothing happens?!

If I try and do this through the stupid BlackBerry Media manager way or whatever, on Desktop Manager I click "Music" and it says "please insert media card"....... ??? It is inserted, and there's nothing wrong with it as it works on the device. I tried clicking "repair media card" and it did so sucessfuly but still will not appear on my computer.

jsconyers 07-14-2010 11:13 AM

If you go into Options > Media card, does it list the size of the card and amount of free space? Have you tried reseating the media card?

vecharo 07-15-2010 09:17 AM

I had this error a while ago. I called blackberry (1-877-BLK-BERR). They sent me a file. And voila--i was able to access the card. I can't recall what the tech said happened but he fixed it right away. My phone was less than a year old so it was no charge.
Oh, I have a 9700 now but when this happened I had a 9000. I called blackberry because ATT didn't have the answer.

tsac 07-18-2010 10:42 AM

You did not mention if youxxx8217;re on a BES but there is an IT policy to prevent access to the media card.
Another possibility is below from RIM.

Files stored on a BlackBerry smartphone's media card have a .rem extension added to the original file name.

If you attempt to access the file using a computer it returns an error similar to the following:

Unable to display file filename.<x>.rem

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