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BDunn7 08-05-2010 07:26 AM

Removing specific contact list
Hey, all
I have a BB 8330 and somehow I added my Yahoo contact list to my contacts.
My Yahoo address is for junk mail and I do NOT want those contacts showing up on my list.
I opened up the contacts icon and went to options and it shows my Y address as a contact list (the only one in fact) but can't find any way to de-activate or remove it.
Manually removing all of the contacts works for a few minutes, then they reappear.
Any help would be appreciated.

Green Cart 09-02-2010 01:38 PM

I had the same problem you did. I installed Gmail and Yahoo as email clients on my BB and went into problems, all kinds. I lost all my contacts. I spent days trying to "fix". researched this forum and don't know why no one steps up to help you.

Backup all your applications, data(emails, contacts, etc, and 3rd party (you can do it now) to the lastest Desktop Manager 6. Be sure to have your userid and password ready.

Then click on OPTIONS/Security Options/Security Wipe/check and click Emails, contacts, etc and nothing else. It will take a little while, and you might get a little nervous.

Then connect your BB to Desktop Manager and do a full restore to yur BB. Good luck!!

Warnings to you all. BB email is the best email available. Why overwrite it with Gmail and Yahoo where their defaults overcome BB's. I transfer my BB contacts to PC Outlook two ways - using Desktop Manager or if it does not work, I use ABC Converter. I don't want to talk too much here as I don't want to be responsible for your problems/and/or/data loss. Believe me, I even got into trouble using Gmail on PC to override Outlook and Comcast Emails. I lost all my Comcast emails, but luckily, I had a backup in the Outlook. Gmail is very powerful, but too powerful because it does assume the role of being the default email client and wipe yout data elsewehere.

Another point to make is that Outlook is just not 100% compatible with BB contacts and calendar. Mapping is supposed to be available, but it ia too complicated and insufficent. I can go on and on, but at least, now you know what to do if you get into the same mess BDunn, someone else on this forum, and I got. I am telling you not to get into this mess in the firsrt place.

aiharkness 09-03-2010 01:44 PM

First, do BDunn7, it would help to know exactly what you did. The only thing I can think of is you set up Desktop Manager to sync with your Yahoo account.

To Green Cart, I don't use google, so don't know except what I read here. I gather adding the google app creates issues for some that they have to correct, but simply adding an email address to BIS does not create the sort of problem the OP seems to be having and for which you seem to be issuing a warning. I've used Yahoo on BIS for certain purposes with no problem.

You are very loose with your advice. What is BB email? Are you talking about the BIS, about the carrier-provided blackberry email address, what?

FYI, there are numerous reasons to not rely solely on the carrier-provided email address and to be very select in what you use it for. It isn't available when BIS goes down. You can only read it on the blackberry. Once the email is deleted from the blackberry -- i.e. you accidently delete it -- it is gone.

I don't know what you are talking about with Outlook. Too complicated? Or too complicated for you? Why not give a specific example?

Green Cart 09-03-2010 05:52 PM

Yes I mean BIS. A quick example of Outlook is that User 1 to 4 from BB are not reflected in Outlook.

I am just saying that adding Yahoo and Gmail to BB as Email clients will cause problems because I found out the hard way.

aiharkness 09-03-2010 06:32 PM

Simply adding a Yahoo address to BIS will not cause problems. I've had it on my BIS for years and years. There's no reason gmail would be any different, at least so far as I know.

For the Outlook issue, did you configure field mapping in desktop manager?

How to map fields to sync from BB to Outlook - BlackBerryFAQ

Green Cart 09-03-2010 06:42 PM

No I did not reconfigure the mapping because I did not know where to put the 4 user fields. Also, the mapping said User 1 to 4 will be used by Outlook as Profession, Spouse, Billing Info and Business Address respectively. So I got confused and put it on hold. Thanks for your suggestion to look at the BBFAQ. Let me look at it before I make any more comments.

I am telling you that Gmail is a time bomb. Just wait and see.

Green Cart 09-03-2010 07:02 PM

I just tried your suggestion to use BB FAQ, but it was obsolete, written for older version of Desktop Manager. What I said before still stands. Also, I am puzzled to why I could not find 4 BB user notes in Outlook anywhere. I cannot even find Outlook fields: Profession, Spouse, Billing Info and Business address in Outlook.

Quite a few forum members object to my statement that Outlook is not compatible with Blackberry. After all, Outlook is developed by Microsoft while BB is developed by RIM. Plus Outlook is also used by other companies.

aiharkness 09-03-2010 07:03 PM

I don't use gmail, or google. But yahoo with BIS is not a problem.

aiharkness 09-03-2010 07:10 PM


Quite a few forum members object to my statement that Outlook is not compatible with Blackberry. After all, Outlook is developed by Microsoft while BB is developed by RIM. Plus Outlook is also used by other companies.
The problem is you made an open ended statement without examples. It isn't perferct, but the Desktop Manager/Outlook combo is probably the most seamless solution for sync'ing a blackberry with a PIM app.

And you make the same open ended statements about yahoo and google and ask people to read behind the lines. It is only right for people to call you on it and ask you to back up your statements.

I don't use the user fields so I don't know what kind of problems there are. Or rather, I use them to some limited ad hoc extent on the blackberry but don't worry about how they sync with Outlook, or don't.

Green Cart 09-03-2010 07:18 PM

Yahoo also caused similar problems to Gmail. How do you use Yahoo? IM? No problems there. Yahoo! No problem there. Did you set up Yahoo as Email client using BB Wizard?

That is where I am talking about Also, if you click on Options/Advanced Options/Default Services, normally BIS shows up for both Calendar and Messaging. But after installing Yahoo and Gmail as Email clients in Wizard Setup/Email settings, I get Yahoo, Gmail and BIS as my default services which creates many problems such as loosing all of my contacts, etc.

aiharkness 09-03-2010 08:21 PM

I asked and you replied that you are talking about BIS. I simply added my yahoo address to BIS. There is no setting up an email client. I've had no problems on the blackberry because of it. I won't say the read/delete reconciliation has worked as advertised but that's a different matter; it has not created problems on my blackberry.

I've read of problems people have with using the google app, but simply adding the google email address to BIS as is done with other email accounts shouldn't cause any problems. If you say it does, explain, in detail.

Again, there is no setting up a client in BIS setup wizard on the device, or at your carrier's BIS web portal. What you see in options > advanced > options > default services is simply the location to set the default messaging service and default calendar. If you have added a gmail address, yahoo, windows live, whatever, you will see each of those as options.

And since 4.1 or 4.2, it's been so long I dont' remember, you have a calendar for each email address. Outlook sync's with the default calendar, and the default CICAL should be set to the same as the default CMIME in default services. This has been answered over and over and over for several years now, and I'll bet it's been answered in the last week, at least once before this. It is not a flaw or defect or problem: It is the way it is.

Green Cart 09-03-2010 10:02 PM

I think I get the picture. Let me run this by you. So you are saying that if I run Wizard Email to add Yahoo and Gmail, then I would have 3 separate Contacts and Three Calendars both on the BB desktop and Options/Advanced Options/Default Services (3 Calendar [CICAL] and 3 Messaging [CMIME]). In theory, that means I would also have 3 Outlooks on PC or actually one big Outlook with three sublevels. It sounds a little messy. How does Desktop Manager (DM) recognize all that?

Also, I may have a bigger problem which may explain why my PC, my BB and I get confused. I setup Outlook on my PC to work with my Comcast email because I could not stand to use Comcast address book. I added BB contacts to PC OUtlook Address using 3rd party software. BB is setup just for my regular Sprint wireless email. So I have just one calendar and contacts for the same carrier. For a long time, I keep BB separate from PC.

Much later, I fooled around with adding Gmail and Yahoo to my BB via Wizard email application. As explained before, I had problems (probably misunderstood and made mistakes) and dropped Gmail and Yahoo, but still have problems because I have been sync.. BB Sprint with PC Outlook for Comcast instead of using 3rd party. Sounds like I need to add Comcast to my BB and open PC Outlook for BB. Am I on the right track?

SteveO86 09-03-2010 10:06 PM

I admit I am a bit lost in this thread. What is you overall goal?

When you add an email account to your Blackberry you gain 1 CICAL and 1 CMIME for each email account.

CICAL is for the Calendar
CMIME is for messaging.

If you BlackBerry is not running into any problems you will have only 1 contact list.
(However you will have multiple calendars)

Green Cart 09-03-2010 10:30 PM

My goal is to have just one address book (contacts) on both my BB and PC and can use the same contacts for both BIS and Comcast email, but my problem is how to sync .. BB Contacts to PC Outlook setup without confusing PC, BB and me. It sounds like I need to add Comcast email to my BB, but I really don't want two contacts and two calendars. I am finallly getting used to Outlook byt sync... is complicated.

If I add my BB to PC Outlook. does that mean I would have two Outlook Address Books. I am confused myself, and I apologize for making this complicated, but isn't that how we learn (SMILE).

SteveO86 09-03-2010 10:52 PM

What you want to do is..

1. Add all your email accounts to your BlackBerry.
2. Under Options -> Advanced Options -> Default Services, make sure the default services are set to your desired email address.

3. Configure Outlook the way you want..
4. I would configure your contacts and calendar in 1 place first (outlook) - Meaning add all your entries in.
5. Once you data is in Outlook, then I would sync Outlook with the Desktop manager.

You will retain a single address book in Outlook, and your BlackBerry will synchronize the contacts will Outlook, keeping 1 identical address book across 2 devices (your computer and BlackBerry)

By default you will also be synchronizing a single calendar.
(multiple calendars will exist on your device due to multiple email accounts, but desktop manager will only the calendar set as default, under default services.)

If you currently have multiple address books on your device, meaning you open your address books, hit the menu key and choose options and under "address books" you have multiple listings.

I would then recreate all your contacts in Outlook, then clear the address book database. (Desktop Manager -> backup/restore -> Advanced, select address book all and hit clear. I would also do a manual backup prior incase you miss anything)

Then sync you BlackBerry with Outlook, if all you contacts are in Outlook they will then be synch'ed back with your BlackBerry.

Hope this helps a bit. Any questions post back.

Green Cart 09-04-2010 10:15 AM


Thank you for asking me questions forcing me to think. I asked for your opinions on my new comments to see if I am on the right track, but you never came back (SMILE). Then Steve086 came along to take your place, but please review his and mine comments and feel free to jump in. I am almost there, really.


1. I printed out your suggestions, but I messed up some again. First, I took your suggestions to add my Comcast (Primary) and Comcast (Secondary) via Wizard Email and verified against Options/Advanced Options/Default Services.

2. Then I configured Outline for above 3. Then I sync Outlook with Desktop manager. I only have one contack book on my BB. Outlook Address and calendar looked great. Then I backed up to DM.

3. I tried to add BIS to Outlook, but cannot do so. THen I got greedy and added Gmail, and sure enough, Gmail took too much control becoming the default Outlook. I took it off using Wizard Email.

4. Then I found out using your tip to find out that I do have two address books, Gmail as my second address book. How do I delete it without having to wipe clean?

5. Is it possible to add BIS to Outlook? I am beginning to think that it is not possible nor feasible. I am thinking about create another Comcast secondary to have BB emails forwarded there by going into Wizard Email and tell my BIS to forward to Comcast secondary in Outlook.

6. So I am still convinced that Gmail is still too dangerous. If you can help me remove second address book from my BB, I will be happy.

7. Any other suggestions? I am happy now that there is only one calendar aqnd one address book on Outline if it is setup right, and that sync works, too. So I think I should really forget about using Gmail.

8. Somehow, I toggled the required password sign on every time I open Outlook. How do I turn that off? I could not find it.

aiharkness 09-04-2010 10:25 AM

I was sleeping. Then saw Steve was answering your questions.

I don't know what you mean by adding BIS to Outlook. Desktop Manager does not sync email. You cannot read your email in Outlook.

Did you just add the gmail address in BIs, nothing else? You didn't sync your blackberry with your google account address book and calendar? If you don't want the google address book, you'll need to clear all address book databases as Steve advised, and then undo whatever it is you did with google.
I don't understand what you are trying to do with the primary and seconday comcast email stuff. Why are you forwarding email? If you add your comcast address to BIS, it grabs a copy of the email and pushes it to the handset. Set Outlook to leave messages on the Comcast server.
Posted via Mobile

Green Cart 09-04-2010 11:49 AM

OK, it now makes sense that I cannot add BIS to Outlook. I got rid of MyGmail contact list by rerunning the DM syn stuff. I was able to syn the whole thing between DM and Outlook.

Then I went back to the address book and press menu for options for Genaral Options showing two unknown for Contact Lists. Clicking on the first unknown shows wireless syn not available fot 90 entires, and clicking on the 2nd unknown shows wireless syn for 0 entries. Ho0w do I fix that?

Comast has primary email and I can get up to 5 secondary emails. I use primary for billings, 2nd for my personal and 3rd for my wife.

aiharkness 09-04-2010 12:12 PM

First, you have all your contacts in Outlook, right? If you wipe out the address books on the blackberry, and then re-sync, you'll be good, right? If so, then run DM 6, conntect you blackberry, and do the following:

In DM 6, click Device up on the top left, then click Delete Data.

Now click the radio button for Selected Data, and select all the address book items.

Check Backup before deleting.

Click Delete at the bottom of the window.

After it is done, re-sync with Outlook. Pay attention and make sure you don't delete your contacts from Outlook.

Caveat: If you don't figure out what you did that added the extra address books, they are probably going to get recreated. I think you must be running some app that creates them, or you are sync'ing with an online address book somehow. I don't do it and never have, so I don't know really what you might have done.

aiharkness 09-04-2010 12:15 PM

Regarding the emails, I understand the concept of multiple email addresses on the one ISP account. What I don't understand is what it is you are trying to do with those accounts to solve whatever problem it is you are trying to solve. If you want to use one account for one purpose, another for a different purpose, that's fine, and you can add them all to BIS, up to 10 addresses total including the carrier provided address.

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