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Shade220 09-03-2010 05:47 PM

Can’t fix my 9700, RIM offers no warranty?
My 4 month old Blackberry Bold 9700 bought through Bell Mobility stopped working 2-3 weeks ago; was unable to send/receive calls or text even with the signal strength indicator showing full strength and the 3G symbol showing. Returned the phone to Bell Mobility for repairs and the phone was returned after about 2 weeks, but still not working, same problem.

The service report said, “a series of advanced tests were performed… device software has been reflashed… thank you for choosing Blackberry.” With a note: “LCD Major scratch” & “no defect found”. We could not find any scratch at all on the glass that covers the LCD display, and the phone does not work, so have to wonder if they looked at the right phone.

Called the Bell Mobility service center, and they had the tech at the store reload the software again, third time this was done, still not working. Also reloading software on my phone apparently takes much longer than normal, about one hour.

Tech support at Bell finally told me the phone was not fixable, and gave me a ticket number to get a replacement phone through the Bell Mobility premium plan warranty I had purchased. Called thinking I would finally get a phone that works, but the insurance company that deals with the Bell Mobility warranty said that because the phone is under the one year manufacturers(?) warranty they would not cover it, and it would cost me $150 if they were to replace the phone.

Called back Bell Mobility customer support hoping to get a phone that works, and was told that was not going to happen, and they would continue to send my Blackberry back for repairs 3-4 times more before they would revisit the situation. The customer service lady would not tell me what “revisit” means, but it seems to mean I will not be getting a working Blackberry any time soon.

Called up RIM hoping I could take the phone in to them for repairs, replacement or support, as the phone is only 4 months old and under a one year warranty, so I assumed, but RIM does not seem to offer or honor a warranty?

I find it hard to believe that RIM offers no customer support or warranty on their Blackberry products, but could not find any information on a warranty in the booklets that came with the phone. Either way, the service rep at RIM told me they do not offer warranty repair services for their products and I would have to deal with the company that sold me the phone, Bell Mobility.

These Blackberry phones are not cheap, so I can’t really afford to buy a few of them for back up. I would like a phone that works. Any advice?

Dubdub 09-03-2010 05:55 PM

All support and warranty is via the carriers. Generally the carrier's tech support will connect you with RIM after they had exhausted their knowledge base. Happened to me last Monday with my 9800. Lost all data and the device was cycling from edge to EDGE to 3g and no bars to 5 bars. Everyone was befuddled. The ultimate fix came from two BBF members - devnull and penguin to do a "security wipe". Worked like a charm.

RIM will charge you if you call directly.

stevetaz 09-03-2010 07:14 PM

Hard to believe that a carrier would put a subscriber through all this for a four month old device.

Any possibility you could escalate through the Bell Mobility Customer Disservice Department to get a supervisor? Sounds like you have given them enough opportunities to repair and the tech people say it is not repairable.

Remember this when it comes time to renew and react accordingly....

I feel for you....

aiharkness 09-03-2010 07:47 PM

Shade, Dub is right, your recourse is the seller, in this case your carrier.

I think Dub is also suggesting you can try troubleshooting this yourself before you go back to the carrier again. And that's not a bad idea.

Where do you stand now? Is it the same place you describe in the first paragraph of your original post? Your account is in good standing, there is no problem with your account setup on the carrier's end, the device shows good signal, but still you cannot make a call or send/receive SMS/MMS? Is that it?

tsac 09-03-2010 07:48 PM

Most carriers have a minimum layer of idiots. As suggested get past the layer and ask for a supervisor or do it at a company store( not a sub-vendor)

Shade220 09-04-2010 09:48 AM

Thanks for the repliesxxx8230;


Originally Posted by Dubdub
RIM will charge you if you call directly.


Ok, so RIM offers no customer service for their products, and I'm stuck with Bell Mobility for customer service on my Blackberry.

There has been too much time put into fixing this phone, my me, by the tech at the Bell Mobility store, before and after it was put in for repair the first time, and it was in for repair for 2 weeks. The tech at Bell mobility said on the phone it was not repairable.


Originally Posted by tsac
Most carriers have a minimum layer of idiots. As suggested get past the layer and ask for a supervisor or do it at a company store( not a sub-vendor)

I was at the Bell Mobility store. The contract was done with the same store.


Originally Posted by stevetaz
Any possibility you could escalate through the Bell Mobility Customer Disservice Department to get a supervisor?

I did speak to a customer service supervisor. Basically the solution is to keep sending the phone back for repair, Bell Mobility canxxx8217;t or wonxxx8217;t replace the phone. That is what I finally understood from a service supervisor with the, we will be sending the phone back 3-4 times more before revisiting the situation. Bell mobility would cancel the data package, since I donxxx8217;t need it with my old phone.


Originally Posted by aiharkness
Where do you stand now?

Right now I am using my old basic phone. The Blackberry is in for repairs again. At least when it comes back this time the tech at the store can check to see if it works before I go into the store to pick it up.

I'm basically in a loop that could go on indefinitely.

When i bought the Blackberry it was a tossup between the IPhone and the Blackberry. Does Apple also pass customer service over to the carrier for the IPhone?

NJBlackBerry 09-04-2010 10:25 AM

You didn't buy the device from RIM, you bought it from Bell Mobility. Your issue is with them.
And if you had an iPhone, you could easily take it back to the store, speak with a "Genius" and get it replaced. Mine was several times.

hrbuckley 09-04-2010 05:50 PM

Sadly Bell stores haven't been 'Bell' stores for quite a while. I found that out while buying my HD PVR a couple of years ago. You will just have to bight the bullet and keep pushing with Bell customer service until you find someone who is willing and able to do something.

Good luck.

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