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piscesboy 09-10-2010 08:28 AM

[Ask] I can't send Pin Message
help me guys..

i'm using BIS and its work normally.. since my friend moving to U.K i can't send pin message or BBM to him.

in this case i can send pin message to U.S , Aussy , and other country around the world.

any advise for me to solve my problem?

i already call my phone service and they say no problem about your BIS and its work fine but can't send pin message to my friend only.

the error says

Sent using: peer to peer
"Message status: service blocked"
to: "A" (example)

anyone can help me to solve this problem?

i can receive and send to any pin that i know but i can't send on my friend only.

Dubdub 09-10-2010 08:49 AM

Does your friend have a BB AND a BB data plan?

Or is your friend's BB on BES and it is blocked by IT policy?

piscesboy 09-11-2010 04:35 PM

he using Orange in London.

before that he using another provider from Indonesia.

The package of BIS still active from indonesia, is that a problem when he applying Orange and active the BB BIS from london?

but when i ask the provider from Indonesia they said the pin was release in the same date that he activated the BIS package (5ponds/month)

any suggestion for this?

because i already give all suggestion that i searching from the internet

from disabled firewall
register the hosting routing table
email setting verified email setting
diagnostic BB Pin-Pin: Yes
call customer service (not yet)

MidnightDraven 09-11-2010 04:51 PM

They are wrong. To de-activate the PIN the BIS account with the indonesian carrier needs to be DELETED. And only they can delete it.

He can't activate the Orange Plan because his PIN is still associated with the active BIS account in Indonesia.

piscesboy 09-12-2010 09:39 AM

oh okay..

but when i call the customer service (indonesia) they say the pin is already release or not being in that provider.

so i should call the customer service from Indonesia to Delete BIS account?

my friend in London is already use BIS Account from Orange Company, and its "Active" right now.

so what should i do?

any suggestion?

Dubdub 09-12-2010 10:42 AM

If your friend is using BIS and sending and receiving email on their BB, then the PIN has been released.

Are you sending to the correct PIN?

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