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life_001 10-15-2010 01:03 PM

desktop manager software for mac office 2011
Desktop manager 1.0.4, is that the latest version for mac? I have a BB bold 9700, have issues with calendar sync with entourage. So, trying the office for mac 2011, but cannot syn desktop manager with the new outlook platform?

Is there new desktop manager softeware coming out?

Dubdub 10-15-2010 01:25 PM

Is Mac Office 2011 out yet?

DM 2.0 is in Beta right now. No release date though

Jagga 10-16-2010 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by Dubdub (Post 1664993)
Is Mac Office 2011 out yet?

DM 2.0 is in Beta right now. No release date though

Early business have the Golden Master already. Mac Office 2011 ended with Beta 6 (which I have & LOVE) and has already been officially announced for October 21st which is next Thursday.

That said BBDM for Mac may NOT be required for update since its just a matter of setting Outlook as the primary for Sync'ing - just like doing it in Windows ME/XP/Vista/Win7.

After installation of Office 2011 official release and after installation and reboot of your Mac it should work without issue.

Of note in my Beta Office 2011 since I connect to work directly using Exchange ActiveSync without VPN (its set on 2007 this way) - I have Mail/Notes/Calendar etc listed as the "Corporation" - meaning the office, and "on My Mac" for the listings. - NOTES is combined but separated on my BB (I don't see my personal notes previously sync'd on this Mac in Mail vs those at work and they don't combine using Outlook by itself.

I'll try to do a sync with my work 9700 by disabling Wireless Sync via Enterprise Activation first and installing the latest BBDM for Mac 1.04 on my Mac Mini (I have a MB but not using Office 2011 Beta on that just yet).

Jagga 10-16-2010 01:56 PM

no resolution, sorry guys.
see my post & screenshots here.

mod's can we combine these two threads please?

I'll try again once the official Office 2011 for Mac debuts next week.

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