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wibbly 02-20-2011 01:58 PM

Getting over slow sync of gSyncit/Google calendar/BB
I'm experimenting with gSyncit to get my business calendar from Outlook on my BIS connected BB, particularly for calendar alerts.

So I have:

- gSyncit sync with a Google email account set up for that purpose only, and that email account is synced with the BB using the BIS option to do so. It's very slow to sync, BUT it means my personal calendar (also on a Google email account) and work one are kept separate, but both show on the BB.

- the slowness means I risk missing a upcoming appointment alerts, but have discovered gSync can be set to force normal calendar remainders to be mapped to Google email notifications :-) So Google will send an email alert to my BB before the calendar event has even synced to the BB.

Just thought I'd share...

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