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Default Using BlackBerry with Wi-Fi knocks my cable modem offline

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Background: I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 with OS 6.0 Bundle 695 (v6.0.0.246, Platform My carrier is AT&T in Southern California.

My home network consists of a D-Link DIR-855 router (D-Link's top home wifi router) plugged into a cable modem serviced by Time Warner Cable. The router is dual-band. I have one band configured for Wireless-G/N in the 2.4GHz range with WPA2/AES. It is configured to auto band width (20/40) depending on client device needs. The second band isn't relevant here because it's running in the 5GHz band with Wireless-N only. For the purpose of this description we'll give the DIR-855 router's 2.4GHz access point a SID of "Catalina."

I also have a second wireless router (Linksys WRT-600N) configured as a wireless access point only. It is also a dual band router, but I have the 5GHz radio turned off. Only the 2.4GHz radio is on, and it's configured to Wireless-G only. It is also using WPA2/AES, and is configured to transmit in a channel that won't interfere with the primary router. Let's call this access point's SID "Anacapa." I actually set this second accesspoint up to check if it proved more or less reliable than the primary.

I have my BlackBerry configured with both Catalina and Anacapa access points in its Wi-Fi profile list. It just selects whichever one it wants, which is fine with me.

Now here's the problem: While the phone has no problem connecting with either one of the accesspoints, the Internet connectivity is almost useless. It may work for a few minutes, but it soon loses Internet connectivity (while remaining connected to the router via Wi-Fi). Even worse, my cable modem often completely loses Internet access, and has to be restarted when my phone is connected to the network via Wi-Fi. If I shut off WiFi on my phone and restart the modem, the Internet is rock solid; no problems at all.

Before we start blaming my home configuration let me rule a few things out:
1) I've tried using only the D-Link router with no secondary accesspoint. Same problem.

2) I've tried using only the Linksys router with no secondary accesspoint. Again, same problem.

3) I've tried shutting off the 5GHz band on my routers (which should be irrelevant), and even configuring the 2.4GHz band only to Wireless-G, Wireless-N, and Wireless-G/N, and Wireless-B/G only modes to see if that changed anything. I've done this with both routers, one at a time, so that only one is hooked up while testing. Same problem.

I've tried setting my router to reserve the same IP all the time for my phone. I've also tried setting my router to NOT reserve the same IP all the time for the phone (allowing DHCP to auto-select one). Neither setting made any difference. I've tried turning off WPA2 (just for long enough to see if the phone will still cause the Internet to fail). All to no avail.

In other words, it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm using a Linksys WRT-600N (Linksys's top-line home router about 2 years ago), or a D-Link DIR-855 (D-Link's current top home router). It doesn't matter if I configure the routers to G/N, or G only. It doesn't matter what other devices are accessing my network. The only thing that seems to matter is that once my phone connects via Wi-Fi to my home network, my cable model will drop its connection to the net. It doesn't even matter if I reset my routers to factory defaults.

My phone is still able to ping my routers and other devices on my network.
My LAN is ok; I can still use my laptops to access each other as well as a NAS on the LAN. But once my phone knocks the Internet offline, none of my devices can access the Internet. ...the LAN (including WiFi) is still fine though. It's just the WAN side that goes down.

For now the only solution seems to be shutting off WiFi on my phone. Where's the fun in that?

Any suggestions? Do I need to set up some port forwarding or port triggers so that the phone can access BIS? What is going on here?

Sorry for the longwinded post.
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Default Re: Using BlackBerry with Wi-Fi knocks my cable modem offline

I did not read your whole post but see you have a d-link. I had one too and it just started to fail and would not stay connected, was really bad when me got home and added the phones. I purchased a new more expensive modem (not d-link or common type) and have not been disconnected yet. My money is on your router is crapping on you. When I went to a computer shop and asked about it, he said dlink has gone down hill bad and won't sell them anymore more.
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Default Re: Using BlackBerry with Wi-Fi knocks my cable modem offline

Well, I can appreciate that my initial post was pretty lengthy, and that reading the whole thing was probably too much to expect. But the long post mentioned that I have two routers; one D-Link, and one Linksys. Both produce the same results. If my router is at fault, then both of my routers would have to be failing in exactly the same way, despite being made by two very different manufacturers, two years apart.
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