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floripaolo 02-01-2006 01:04 PM

bell mobility and bes
I have a 7130e with bell mobility. I need full internet access. Especially for internet banking. What do I need?
-additional mds hosting?
-do I still need it with 4.0?
-ive read somewher bell Canada provides bes hosting for an additional fee (isn't that nice?). Link?
-will browsing be faster with mds?
-if not from bell which bes service would you recommend?

Thanks for help!i


Jase88 02-01-2006 03:12 PM

You will require BES hosting if you wish to use 3rd party applications (instant messaging, google local, etc). However, if you just plan to use the browser to check your banking, then BES is not required. The browser works fine on Bell without BES.

Bell does offer hosting with BES. Go to and do a search. You will require your own domain name.

Browsing is not, in my experience, faster with BES. Others have reported that it is faster.

Check out Mark Rejhon's FAQ for a list of hosting services. I also recommend the company in my sig.

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