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BJowett 09-24-2011 06:24 PM

How do I know that my pictures are going to the SD card? How can I view these pictures on my camera? How can I delete the pictures stored in the camera all at once?

aiharkness 09-24-2011 06:50 PM

Re: Camera
Camera > options ... Set to save to media card.

Use the media app.

Delete individual files from the media app, or navigate to the pictures folder and delete that way.

No way to delete multiple files using the handset. Use mass storage mode and a computer to move/copy/delete a number of files at a time.

EDIT: Corrections (thanks rambo)...In the media app, click select from the menu, then hold the caps key and scroll to highlight and select multiple pictures. At least this works on my 9900. I didn't realize this was possible. I assume you can then delete all selected.
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rambo47 09-24-2011 06:51 PM

Re: Camera
There should be an option to specify where the pictures go under the Options menu you can get when the camera is open.

Pictures are viewed in the Media app.

You can open Media, navigate to the pictures stored on the device (not on the sd card), and either select them all if you can, or just delete them one by one.

aiharkness 09-24-2011 07:55 PM

Re: Camera
I just noticed something. I don't use the camera much. Perhaps this is what OP was talking about with the words "pictures stored in camera."

Playing around I noticed that test images I had taken that I can view in the camera app are not in the pictures folder on either the media card or in device memory. I then noticed a separate "camera" folder, where I found the images. I don't remember this on previous BlackBerrys.

At any rate, images are stored either on the media card or the device as set in camera options. If they aren't in a pictures folder, then look for a camera folder. The images are not "stored in the camera."
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