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CharlotteMangat 07-06-2012 01:34 PM

Blackberry Theme Builder 7
Does anyone know when the theme builder for the blackberry 7 phones will be released?
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NJBlackBerry 07-06-2012 02:05 PM

Re: Blackberry Theme Builder 7
Another delayed product by RIM.

Perhaps ask them - their dates have been so reliable recently.

ZombieBerry 07-06-2012 06:33 PM

Re: Blackberry Theme Builder 7
I saw a tweet from BlackBerry to Hedone Designs or maybe it was the other way around(months ago, and I don't have the link) They hinted at a mid June release. Guess that ship has sailed. With the amount they say they are working on BB10, I do not expect to ever see the OS 7.x Theme Builder.

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