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Mark Rejhon 02-10-2006 12:44 AM Mission Accomplished (Rogers now has 200MB plan)

Rogers now has a 200MB BlackBerry Plan!

As of August 2006, the petition's mission has now been mostly accomplished. Over 1000 people have signed the petition!

(1) Rogers no longer uses deceptive advertising to call the 25MB plan 'unlimited'
(2) Rogers now has a 200 megabyte plan for $100 per month.

While Rogers can do better than this, the petition's mission has now been completed. While we are sure the petition may not have had much of an effect on Rogers management, it definitely raised awareness of Roger's BlackBerry pricing plans, which may have ultimately contributed to Rogers' decision making in the very end. More and more people were definitely experiencing data overusages on the Model 8700 Series.

Call ROGERS - 1-888-ROGERS1 and upgrade to the BlackBerry $100 plan for 200MB of data per month. Even while switching, don't forget to make a polite comment that the competition has better plans and to bump the limit to 500MB.
To all those affected (Rogers BlackBerry Customers, Rogers resellers and stores selling BlackBerries, Rogers past and potential BlackBerry customers, RIM and Rogers employees using Rogers BlackBerries that are exempt from the cap):
And then click the "Sign Petition" at the bottom of the page.

To Rogers Canada:

We want to bring your attention to the 25 megabyte "limit" (cap) on the Rogers $60 Unlimited BlackBerry Data Plan. Many have been charged several hundreds dollars of extra fees per month because of exceeding the "limit" (cap) of the Rogers $60 Unlimited BlackBerry Data Plan. To this date, the Rogers fine print still disclaims the following, as of February 9th, 2006:

"** Rogers Wireless reserves the right to limit usage and charge $7 per additional MB for excessive usage over 25 MB of data per month."

Today, this is no longer acceptable. It is no longer "excessive usage" because of the following reasons:

- This 25 megabyte limit was designed back when BlackBerry only did email. New BlackBerry models do much more than email.
- Modern BlackBerry models transmit much more data, especially the BlackBerry 8700r EDGE model.
- There is no way to self-monitor data usage, until the end of the billing period. It is easy to accidentally exceed the data limit before you receive the bill.
- still uses the wording "Unlimited"
- Out-of-the-box, modern BlackBerry models support the capability to do full HTML web browsing with images and JavaScript, Yahoo Chat, BlackBerry Messenger, and other software now pre-installed on a BlackBerry that uses more bandwidth. Rogers advertises Yahoo Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger, as well as the full graphical web browsing capability, so this is expected "normal" non-excessive usage of BlackBerry.
- On recent Rogers BlackBerry's, the BlackBerry Internet Browser includes a bookmark labelled "BlackBerry HELP!" that links to wireless downloads for BlackBerry games and BlackBerry picture themes. Two of the games are almost 1 megabyte in size for a wireless download.
- New data-intensive BlackBerry software such as Google Maps Mobile from Google Maps can be accessed via BlackBerry Internet Browser.
- Newer versions of BlackBerry email services (BlackBerry Internet Service, BlackBerry Web Client, BlackBerry Enterprise Server) provide full wireless email synchronization, which consumes more data to keep everything synchronized wirelessly.
- 25 mgeabytes is no longer considered "excessive usage" on current models of BlackBerry, especially the model 8700r.
- Treo users have the option of purchasing 100 megabyte Rogers data plan. Rogers does not provide any method of paying for a higher-priced BlackBerry data plan to get a higher data limit.
- Fido Wireless has no data limit. Bell Mobility recently eliminated their 100 megabyte cap. Telus Mobility now offers a 250 megabyte BlackBerry plan for $100 per month.
- It is anti-competitive because Rogers owns Fido, giving Rogers a monopoly on worldphone-capable networks. Fido does not permit consumers to sign up for BlackBerry plans on the Fido network, even though fido is already set up to function with BlackBerry (see for the Fido BlackBerry Login Webpage, which indicates Fido is already set up to function with BlackBerry)
- Rogers permit Fido Unlimited Data users to roam on the Rogers network without the 25 megabyte limit. Also, Rogers permits Treo 100 megabyte plans on the same network. This implies that the Rogers network has sufficient data capacity to support the removal of the 25 megabyte limit.
- International data roaming is $10 per megabyte. Data overage cost is $7 per megabyte. Data overage costs are almost as expensive as international data roaming, just to use the BlackBerry in Canada at reasonable non-exessive levels.
- In the first 3 months of a BlackBerry plan, data overages are waived. This pratice should not legitimize the use of the word "Unlimited", since customers are often hit by unexpected data charges after the first 3 months. Data usage can vary widely and can later surge unexpectedly if a user later decides to download a data-using application such as Google Maps Mobile. Looking at past bills is not a reliable indicator of current or future data usage, since there is no way for the customer to monitor current month's data usage before the end of the billing period.
- BlackBerry is becoming more consumer-friendly. Even RIM has redesigned BlackBerry to appeal to non-business users. Therefore, Rogers BlackBerry Data Plans need to be more consumer-friendly and small-business friendly.

In addition, many Rogers and RIM employees as well as Rogers partners are waived of this limit, and do not get charged these data overages. They do not experience the true pain of small businesses and individuals who are subject to the 25 megabyte cap, and are charged several hundred dollars of extra fees per month for exceeding the 25 megabyte "limit" of the Rogers $60 Unlimited BlackBerry Data Plan. Therefore, Rogers Wireless does not get subjected to the necessary pressure to raise the data limit. This indicates that this is discriminatory practice, which hurt consumers and small businesses. Consumers and small businesses have a hard time convincing Rogers about the problems revealed by the 25 megabyte data limit on the Rogers $60 Unlimited BlackBerry Data Plan.

Increasing numbers of users have paid several hundreds, and in some cases more than $1000, during one month for data usage that would have not been charged extra on any other North American carrier on their best BlackBerry data plan. Some customers have posted messages about their Rogers data overage costs at the following forum websites:
HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Blackberry users, What is your Data Volume?

We, as Rogers customers, Rogers representatives, and Rogers resellers of Rogers products, are all requesting Rogers to do any or all of the following:
(1) Readjust the 25 megabyte limit to more representative industry standard levels. Rogers Canada is the carrier in North America with the lowest data limit on their best Unlimited BlackBerry plan; and/or
(2) Introduce another higher-priced data plan that removes the 25 megabyte limit. This is parallel to the Telus Mobility $100 BlackBerry plan that gives a 250 megabyte data limit; and/or
(3) Remove the wording "Unlimited", because this is no longer an accurate representation of data usage on a modern BlackBerry model 8700r.

Readjusting the BlackBerry plans will help Rogers sell more BlackBerry subscriptions, bring more BlackBerry users online, make the BlackBerry more consumer-friendly, make it easier for Rogers stores to sell BlackBerry, and make it easier for people to switch from Bell/Telus to Rogers. This benefits Rogers Canada, Rogers stores and representatives, and Rogers customers as a whole.

The Undersigned
To Sign The Petition, click:
And then click the "Sign Petition" button at the bottom of the page.

Mark Rejhon 02-10-2006 12:45 AM

Example quotes from this thread.

Originally Posted by Guess
The last month, my data charges were as follows:

Data - Data Usage-Monthly Plan = 25,600.00kb $000.00
Data - Other Data = 35,861.44kb $251.03

Thats $250 extra dollars a month!!!!

And lets not start with the month before that, when I was installing programs OTA, that month was significantly worse.


Originally Posted by Mark Rejhon
I paid over $1000 total for three months to Rogers for data overusages over a 3-month period (Dec 2004, Jan 2005, Feb 2005)


Originally Posted by mobile_pheen
i had a 1700$ bill 200 for voice and 1500 for data in december i almost had a instant heart attack when i saw it..

and yeaa there was data usage on my bill on days i didnt use my BB @ all.. wtf.. :S


Originally Posted by spindizzy
Sorry to resurrect an old thread and simultaneously open old wounds, but I thought I'd take a moment to vent, and also to check if I might have possibly set a new record.

My Rogers bill for January includes overage charges in excess of $420 CAD.

That's right, my data usage was 87,926KB.


Originally Posted by shadowbox
My $60 "unlimited" bill always came to around $300 per month. Eventually I just couldn't afford this anymore so I had to give up using the blackberry for the things i had bought it for, ssh and IM. Now all I use it for is email and I'm basically waiting for my term to expire, at which point I'll switch over to another provider.


Originally Posted by headtailgrep
I'm up to 25 megs... how? Google local (mostly). It easily consumed 10 megs above and beyond what i normally use..

Rogers needs to increase their silly cap..


Originally Posted by 514HH
I've been extremely frustrated by the 25MB cap and have paid stupid amounts of overage charges to Rogers. Lead the way Guess!

This is just a small sampling. There are over a hundred people, posting on several different forums over the last few months, of data overage charges on the Rogers Unlimited Data Plan.

To Sign The Petition, click:
And then click the "Sign Petition" button at the bottom of the page.

Brad00111 02-10-2006 05:09 PM


Would it be helpful for non-Rogers users to sign this as well, I agree that it is horrible they do not have a true unlimited plan, but I do not want to hamper your efforts but messing with your petition.

Mark Rejhon 02-10-2006 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by Brad00111

Would it be helpful for non-Rogers users to sign this as well, I agree that it is horrible they do not have a true unlimited plan, but I do not want to hamper your efforts but messing with your petition.

If you are in Canada and you are a BlackBerry user, you're already a potential Rogers customer by default, so go ahead. Just make sure you select "No" in the "Rogers Customer" selection.

DocGo 02-10-2006 08:08 PM

Mark, thanks for writing up this petition. Hopefully, the Rogers folks will respond to it in a reasonable way. The "unlimited" 25mb data cap is really ridiculous.

moonbaseone 02-11-2006 08:47 AM

I am starting to think that something needs to be done with Cingular and the APN/wap data charges they still charge you even with the BBunlimited plan.

Its almost enough to make me think of using another device.

It is good that you took the time to make this petition and hopefully it will help.

mlexxus 02-12-2006 12:44 AM

but there is another thing we forgot, the minimum a data plan will cost you is 40$. many users that are non-business users are kind of forced to pay out 40$ for 1MB, where 60$ gets you 25MB. I personaly am not a business user but use over 10MB a month, which means im forced to go and get the
60$ plan. I see this as unfair business. I mean 40$ for 1MB thats insane. They should revise the blackberry plans.

mike_187 02-15-2006 10:24 PM

when is this going to be given to rogers?

shadowlesss 02-22-2006 06:44 AM

If you don't want to pay then don't buy the product!! It is that simple!

stonent 02-22-2006 12:09 PM

Class action lawsuit anyone?

sirchip 02-22-2006 03:15 PM

Yea i would say class action also!

michaelsvendsen 02-27-2006 09:06 AM

I just got blackberry on the rogers unlimited plan. I've had it for a week or 2 now and have been using it for email, internet, msn and as a phone. I was just wondering with frequent use how likely i am to go over my "unlimited" 25mb rogers monthly data plan. They say i have 3 months unlimited usage but i am hoping that is not the same "unlimited" they talk about in my plan.

tominator 02-27-2006 11:41 AM

Ted Rogers son is a criminal. I switched off of Rogers over 18 months ago when this crap started for me. Look at your bills closely, 1.00 charges here, 2.00 charges there, it's not just the outrageous data charges we should be concerned about (Just think a 1.00 charge for 400K customers? 400K sure makes a nice bonus for a senior exec.). Every month my bill got more and more expensive, even though my data/ voice charges where the same.

Go figure....GSM and GPRS are good system, unfortunately in Canada the only other option is FIDO (Now Roger's as well)


authentication_key 02-28-2006 04:59 PM

Got my first bill!
I just got my first bill with 8700r and I went 10MB(75bucks) over 25MB. I was surprised as I thought it would have been more.

BUT.....I have been limiting my data usage (i.e..little use of google local,little web broswing,turning off images sometimes,not letting people use my BB to browse)

I feel like im being punished if I use

Rogers should just give 50MB at least. Thats reasonable!

morser 03-03-2006 02:01 PM

This is crazy. i called rogers to try to get a $100 plan for one of my users with an 8700r EDGE because he used 80 megs which came to $398.59!!
They said the $60 plan was the highest i could go and that there was nothing i could do about it.

grinthock 03-21-2006 03:21 PM

It's clear they don't care...
It's clear they realize "Well companies will pay it, so who careS"

Oh and for the person who said 50mb is enough? Bell's unlimited plan in Canada is 500MB's

apasic 03-24-2006 02:33 PM

i just added a blackberry to my service and they gave me the first 3 months of truly unlimted. for the first 5 days of service the bill shows 12 megs. i dont want to imagine what it will be like after the 3 months and for a full 30 days :|

blackberrycat 03-24-2006 11:36 PM

Tell me where to sign on for the class action suit...
royally pissed off!@#$#@!@#$

dfreiji 03-30-2006 05:10 PM

I agree . I am currently with Bell Mobility and was thinking of switching to Rogers so that I can take advanteage of International Roaming.

BTW, this is from Bell's website :

"Bell Mobility considers usage in excess of 500 MB of data per month on this plan to be abusive, and reserves the right to charge such excess usage at a rate of $3/MB or otherwise limit such excess usage."

So even beyond the 500MB, $3/MB overage is still cheaper than Rogers overages

AnnaBlackBerry 04-06-2006 08:23 AM

I travel and got hammered for International Data roaming, there is no plan for email and Rogers suggested that I ask business contacts to text me, or to filter all the email so it doesn't transmit to a BlackBerry...kinda defeats the purpose of having the device.

My solution, I have a TMobile SIM for data which is unlimited $29.99 or $39.99depending on whether you have a BES and I pay an additional $19.99 for International (world) unlimited data roaming. Cheaper than staying with Rogers!!

I kept my Rogers SIM and left a voice plan on it to avoid the cancellation fee, and now I have 300 US Minutes, full data international coverage unlimited and 250 minutes in Canada that are one rate to the US all for under $150 total.

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