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gsgtsg 09-05-2012 01:57 PM

Contacts transfer from 9800 to 9000

Is there a way to bluetooth contacts from a Torch 9800 to a Bold 9000 ?


rambo47 09-08-2012 10:10 AM

Re: Contacts transfer from 9800 to 9000
No, bluetooth contact transfer is not supported. The easiest way is to use the Change Devices Wizard in BB Desktop Manager.

Another way is to set up GMail on the old device, enable contacts sync, and then set up that same GMail account on the new device, also enabling contacts sync. Everything will come streaming onto your new device courtesy of the Google cloud.

AlexandraM 09-10-2012 06:39 AM

Re: Contacts transfer from 9800 to 9000
You may also just create a backup in Blackberry Desktop Manager and extract the contacts off that backup using a 3rd party app like Blackberry Backup Extractor. It should be easy to transfer the contacts to the other device, you can do it using Google Sync. Cheers!

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