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dabdool 11-22-2012 11:50 PM

Contacts not shown in contact list
Hello All,

I tried loading a backup from my old blackberry bold to a Curve 9320, from desktop software (v7) I'm seeing that I have 300 contacts in the address book however after restoring to the Curve all I have is 60 contacts which are existing on the SIM. The kicker is that when I make or receive calls or text messages to my contacts (by manually entering the numbers) their names show up in the call log and these are people whose names are not in the contacts list so I know that the list is somewhere on phone i.e. it got transferred with the restore.

Can anyone tell me how I can get back (or see) all of my contacts in the contacts list?


tsac 11-24-2012 02:03 PM

Re: Contacts not shown in contact list
Duplicate posting

ManTyag 11-25-2012 01:44 AM

Re: Contacts not shown in contact list
Here is the solution .. please do share it further if it works for you ..

Hello folks, I have an official blackberry from my employer for many years which I use primarily for enterprise email, but because of extensive use I end up roughing out my blackberry and change the handsets every two years or so .. my contacts info is the most critical at all times, so I back up the previous ones, restore data in new device and then wipe out the old one completely to avoid any misuse.
This time when I changed handset , did the same process but strangely I realized in a day that I COULD NOT FIND A LARGE NUMBER OF CONTACTS IN THE BLACKBERRY DEVICE ADDRESS BOOK, BUT WHEN THE PERSON WOULD CALL ME THERE NAME WOULD APPEAR IN THE CALL LOG AFTERWARDS ! Seemed crazy and I could not figure out. Googled many pages and countless forums but always found unsatisfactory answers / countless loops to the problem so once I finally found a cure, its my duty to share back xxx61514;
1. Most likely the problem is that when you restored your backup IPD file , a large number of entries were only partially restored because you (like me) blindly selected “update all” instead of selecting the items to restore. Also some of your contacts got restored because of wireless sync so it was not aas if you got nothing, but you never realized where other ones went .. now the solution – simple steps :

A) Take your device – and SWITCH OFF the automatic and wireless reconciliation for the key areas – it’s a very simple process – see it here : (just type BB support article KB04976 and open the first result ( i cant give thelink here since this site is not allowing me) KB04976- "Enable and disable wireless organizer data synchronization for BlackBerry smartphones activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server"

B) Connect your phone to laptop , turn on desktop manager – then select restore and select the same IPD file which you had from the old phone in your latpop– but this time select it and select option of “Select the areas I want to restore” – new the address book option should NOT be grayed out—so select it .. and btw .. YOU can simply do the same as restore on the handset – you not need to wipe the new handset or anything ..

C) after you are done.. simply uplug and undo the step you did it in step A ( turn on your wireless reconcile for everything and there you go )
The above would solve the problem for most of you (just like it worked for me) but just in case not then please see for other option Article ID: KB04461
(just type BB support article KB04461 and open the first result ( i cant give thelink here since this site is not allowing me)
KB04461-Unable to backup or restore some databases to a BlackBerry smartphone using BlackBerry Desktop Software


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