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imtaylor 12-14-2012 03:24 PM

BB Cloud / office - now two mailboxes
I have a BB 9900. I used to have an Exchange Server with BES. I switched over to Office 365 and BB cloud. Should have been a straight forward swap!

During assisted migration today, I did a factory reset of the device which wiped everything apart from apps and then activated Enterprise Activation which seemed to work. However, I was still having problems getting the old Outlook profile to migrate from old laptop to new laptop, so I thought I'd use the Blackberry itself as a storage device to export the profile over. In so doing, I somehow created a new mailbox on the BB, so emailed the migration assistant and said that I was doing a factory reset again. He duly reset Enterprise Activation and an hour later, I reactivated it. it seemed to work, however, I now have two mailboxes on the BB?

One of the mailboxes is simply called "Messages" (as it was before) and the other called (myemailaddress) which has a similar icon with a small briefcase next to it? Not a major problem, other than whenever I send an email from the BB, it shows up in both mailboxes as a sent item.

I've obviously duplicated something somewhere and somehow created two mailboxes on the same device but have no clue how, or where!

Any help much appreciated.


tsac 12-14-2012 07:22 PM

Re: BB Cloud / office - now two mailboxes
Unless I missed something, I believe a BB set up with the BES does show two mail box icons.
Mine shows messages and Desktop on one BB. On my second BB it shows my email address on one icon and messages on another icon.

Do they both show the same emails? If so you may not have an issue.

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