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the gladiator 01-02-2013 12:17 AM

Contact sync - how to start
I have my contacts both on Google (where of course I have an email account) and on my BB (with OS6). I was syncing them with Google sync but now that Google sync is gone I wanted to switch to the native sync of BB.

My problem is that if I enable the synchronization (go on my BB to setup -> Email account -> xxxxx at (my gmail account) -> Synchronization option and I tick the contact option):
  1. BB creates a new, empty contact list on the device with the same name of the contact list I already have (xxxxx at
  2. sync starts with this newly created contact list neglecting the contact list I had and that I actually wanted to sync

I know how to remove one of the two contact lists but my question is: which is the correct procedure to start syncing an existing contact list ?

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