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blackberryuser99 04-15-2013 03:30 PM

Ringtone transfer
Can a custom ringtone be transferred to a new blackberry automatically?

ie by transferring the sd card (or equivalent) would a custom ringtone be transferred or is this held at phone level?

dc/dc 04-15-2013 03:38 PM

Re: Ringtone transfer

alicepattinson 04-17-2013 02:38 AM

Re: Ringtone transfer

Originally Posted by marionsawyer (Post 1802296)
What if the ringtone you want on your phone is on your PC and this is not a service offered by your cell phone provider? There is a website available that allows users to send ringtones from their computers directly to any telephone number.

And what is that website?

NJBlackBerry 04-17-2013 05:36 AM

Re: Ringtone transfer
You responded to a spammer. Nice job.

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