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zedex 04-20-2013 05:51 PM

Transfering contacts etc from BB10 back to torch?
Rant on.
Hi. Is there a way to transfer my bb10 contact list back to my torch? Reason? BB10 IMO is a steaming pile of crap. Its so glitchy, most of the time the gestures work, but sometimes you have to swipe up to 6 times to get back to home screen. And now. My ear speaker distorts so badly at 1/2 volume its just a joke talking on the phone when all you hear is crackly distortion. So now its sent in to be repaired and im back to the torch which has been a pretty good phone. But now you cant transfer info back to the old operating system. Blackberry did not think of that obviously or was unable to do it. Really.(n)
Blackberry link i also find is terrible. If you want to backup your phone there is no verification that link is actually working. The backup button no longer lights up but would it be too difficult to have at least an hour glass or swirly icon telling you something is acually happening? NOT. Too difficult i guess.
Pretty bummed out that my 10 is such a pile. Now i have to wait months for the 10 to come back.
It took 2 months BTW for my torch to come out of service. If find the whole bb experience as of late to be quite negative.
Rant off.

tsac 04-21-2013 09:48 AM

Re: Transfering contacts etc from BB10 back to torch?
You can try doing a sync to one of the listed applications. then reverse the synce to the other BB.
Google should allow you to move to any BB

KB30038-Available contact and calendar synchronization features on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or BlackBerry 10 smartphone

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