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Johnklarson 10-20-2013 10:29 PM

Bold 9930 Software Update Glitch
I'm sure it's been discussed ad nauseum, but I'm looking for some help.

Question: Is there a way to undo my last update and get back what I've lost?

1) Using Bold 9930 on Verizon network
2) I ran the latest directly from my phone...V 7.1.0 B 2705.
3) I did not have access to my computer, so I did not have a chance to properly backup my device prior to update.
4) Like thousands of others, my update got stuck on 'Social a Feeds.'
5) After restarting my phone and getting back to my download options, I unchecked the 'Social Feeds' icon. However, that still did not work.
6) I had to delete the 'Social Feeds' app from my phone and deselect it from the download. This finally worked.
7) 'Worked'...not really. The update was successful, but I lost all of my contacts, some text messages, all of my saved files in my 'memo pad' program...and all of my preferences. It did, however, keep all of my photos and Excel files previously saved. It also kept some text messages and my call history.
8) I know that my contacts are on 'My Verizon' as they've downloaded them before when I'm at the store, so I'm sure I could download them. However, what ism desperately after are the saved files I lost from my 'Memo Pad' program. Why would an update even mess with saved user files? That makes no sense to me. It should only update the necessary application files.

Any help is appreciated...thank you.

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