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cjsasl 04-07-2015 10:03 AM

BB Blend issue
Hello everyone,

I hope I am posting this question in the right place. I am having an issue with the Blackberry Blend, on my laptop when I tried to sign into blend it just will not connect. When I 1st installed the Blackberry software on my laptop it worked fine, and about a month a go it stop signing in to blend.

I know that the settings on my phone are correct because when I try on my Surface Pro 3 it connects no problem and works great.

If I try to connect via Wi-Fi it just sits at discovering. If I tried to connect via USB connection it just say's connecting and sits there for a minute or so. Then they both come up with connection error and tell me to check my firewall which I have completely turned off.

Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?

tsac 04-07-2015 07:04 PM

Re: BB Blend issue
Read these links, they may offer help

KB35694-Unable to connect to BlackBerry Blend due to IPv6 being blocked on the computer

KB36212-BlackBerry 10 Smartphone does not connect to BlackBerry Blend after a smartphone reset

cjsasl 04-14-2015 01:39 PM

Re: BB Blend issue
I tried everything & nothing seems to work. I checked my wireless adapter & the BB Virtual private network properties & both have IPv6 enabled.

I did a full reinstall of Win 8.1 & blend worked fine when I installed it, then 2 days later it won't go past discovering again.

I deleted the device I had setup on blend & logged on with my BB ID & it paired with my phone then again won't pass discovering. (this via USB).

I'm now fed up with BB & am just going to blow it away.

Thanks for your suggestions.

cjsasl 04-15-2015 01:22 PM

Re: BB Blend issue-Solved

Just in case anyone else has this issue here's how I solved it.

Click the link below & download "Re-enable IPv6 on nontunnel interfaces and on IPv6 tunnel interfaces" and installed that. Rebooted my laptop & Blend connected first try.

Hope this saves someone else the aggravation I went through.


Lautario 05-06-2015 04:58 PM

Re: BB Blend issue
Thank you It worked, need to pass this on to all BB users having difficulty(y)(y)

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