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worldparty 05-20-2015 07:34 AM

Blackberry Q 10 Calendar problem
I cannot keep any of my calendar dates in the phone. Once I add a new appointment or reminder they all disappear. This has happened at least 50 times. If you think this problem can be solved without my going to a provider please let me know. The mobile phone company I have service with does not sell or service blackberry phones now.

ZombieBerry 05-20-2015 07:44 AM

Re: Blackberry Q 10 Calendar problem
I don't think your provider would be able to help.

Open Calendar and swipe from the bezel and select 'Manage Calendars' Are you using multiple calendars? Do you sync them with your computer or online service (Yahoo, MSN, etc?)

You can also check under Accounts (under Settings>Acounts)

Are these disappearing appointments ones that you have made or are they invites from contacts on your device?

mikevirgoez 05-22-2015 08:07 PM

Re: Blackberry Q 10 Calendar problem

tsac 05-22-2015 08:21 PM

Re: Blackberry Q 10 Calendar problem

Originally Posted by mikevirgoez (Post 1815203)


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