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dparvanov 07-14-2016 07:22 AM

Cannot activate new users on BES 5 - 0x0424
When we create a new account on BES 5.0.4 MR5 - Domino 8.5.3 the user stays in status: Failed to start. Profile document gets created, but no state database:

07/14/2016 08:51:25 {USER/ORG} Successfully created Profile Document for record 878, user USER/ORG, NID=2272
07/14/2016 08:51:25 {USER/ORG} Mail File changing from CN=USER/O=ORG to Mail\userifle.nsf for user USER/ORG
07/14/2016 08:51:25 Recovery Manager: Assigning new DBIID for X:\IBM\Domino\Data\BES\state\523801040.nsf (need new backup for media recovery).
07/14/2016 08:51:25 {USER/ORG} Could not update user's ACL entry for new state database (The name is not in the list. 0x0424)
07/14/2016 08:51:26 {USER/ORG} Unable to initialize BlackBerry user (ID=878, NoteID=2272) - will retry in 5 minutes

then this state database does not exist.

The directories are up to date with the person documents, already restarted the servers, tried to move to the standby node - still the same.

Any ideas?

dparvanov 07-14-2016 08:52 AM

Re: Cannot activate new users on BES 5 - 0x0424
Well, 2 days later and if anyone is interested, apparently the ACL of bbsd.ntf was changed and the entry [BBSDUser] was removed. This apparently is replaced with the user's actual username when the database is created. Re-adding the entry resolved it.

tsac 07-16-2016 02:26 PM

Re: Cannot activate new users on BES 5 - 0x0424
Most users who are in need of BES information or support use the BES Admin forum here to offer info or get info.

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