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tsac 10-23-2016 06:34 PM

Web site warning
Anyone know why McAfee is reporting this site as a potential problem?

McAfee Site Advisor was the app on the PC

knottyrope 10-24-2016 01:28 PM

Re: Web site warning
No issue with Symantec End Point here

Might be a false positive

tsac 10-24-2016 07:20 PM

Re: Web site warning
Yes I checked and the second time it did not report anything. It may simply be Site Advisor had a problem. It did display the full web site address. I checked at the Mcafee site ad it reported the forum ok. weird, maybe a wiki leak hack.:razz:

BonnyCanale 11-07-2016 03:41 AM

Re: Web site warning
I am using Kaspersky and no issue on my side. Further, I would suggest try to open the thing in the incognito mode. I remember the same thing with Kaspersky and doing so does solve the issue. I don't know why, but it does solve.

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