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brain 03-23-2017 11:07 PM

BB not picking up cell network when in range
Blackberry Classic

I live out of range of the cell phone towers. I generally lose my cell network about 3/4 mile from the house, then pick it up again automatically at the same place when I leave the house and head into town.

Ever since a BB OS update a couple of weeks ago, my BB will not pick up the cell network correctly once it loses it until I restart the BB. The cell signal goes to a red X as I head home (generally close to the same place), and it does not come back again when I leave the house and hit the usual signal area. I can drive all the way into town, and even in the next hour, the red X persists. But as soon as I restart the BB, I get my cell signal back almost immediately.

Current system shows Software Release, OS Version, Build ID 903214

I even tried turning off the mobile network radio, then back on, but the red X persists until I restart the BB (as long as I am in a coverage area when I do the restart).

tsac 03-24-2017 10:28 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
The use of a cell booster may help your service at home but not between your home an where you loose service.
Because the phone is not finding available service once in the area is should work I would think the phone may be having some issues. The OS controls the operation and doing a reload may help. You will need to do a backup of your contacts and other apps first.
You will need to download the available OS to reload unless you have a copy. This site has a forum section where 4.50.313 is shown. Also the section offers information on doing updates or replacements.

Because you reloading the radio and it does not help, I think it is pointing to the basic OS..

Good luck

brain 03-25-2017 11:47 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
I am not worried about the loss of signal at my house. I work 99% from home, so it is far more convenient for me to simply forward the BB to my home/office # when I am home anyway than to have to have two phones going all day (I manage IT services for about 10 small businesses).

I just need it to be able to pick up the cell signal when I leave without having to reboot. It has to be the latest update, since this problem 1) never happened before that update and 2) began immediately after the update.

I will try the OS reload. All my contacts are synchronized one-way from Outlook on my computer anyway, so I will lose no data by wiping the phone--I will just have to reconfigure POP/SMTP mail.

tsac 03-25-2017 12:37 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
one thing I would suggest is, do NOT do any updates directly to the phone from the source, internet etc.
Download to your computer and do the updates or reload if needed from there. It is very common to have missed segments or packets of the OS or other data and users only find out in situations like yours.
Good Luck

brain 03-28-2017 12:57 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
tsac: thanks. I did a full factory reset and then reconfigured and update to what looks like the same version as what I got last week. At least today, when I left the house and hit a coverage area, the phone picked up coverage. One day is hardly a thorough test, but it looks like the reset worked.

Of course, it was not without its issues that I forgot to document beforehand. Because I use a one-way push of contacts from Outlook to the BB, that part was not a problem. But then I had to go through disabling all the unnecessary apps and re-creating my shortcut speed dials for forwarding/unforwarding, etc.

But...all worth it if I do not have to reboot the phone in order to pick up coverage. Time will tell....

tsac 03-28-2017 06:27 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
If after adding any Apps back ( do it one at a time days apart) and the problem comes back you may have the answer as to why it fails.

I have had Apps that caused issues and only by adding one at a time back was I able to find the culprit,

brain 03-30-2017 11:08 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
Well, I reloaded the OS, and I do not use any add-on apps. In fact, I just disable most of them, since I use this for only three things: phone, e-mail (inbound only), and contacts (synchronized from Outlook).

The moment this changed was when I did that OS update a couple of weeks ago, and after I reset to factor specs and then (perhaps in error) allowed it to update again, I have the same issue.

I believe this is a bug in this OS version. The BB had been running with no such issue (or any other) for three years before that OS upgrade.

Is there a reporting process for BB OS bugs?

tsac 03-31-2017 06:32 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
I'm not sure on your OS for the 8300 type phone but I did do an upgrade on a BB10 phone and have had nothing but problems. If you have the older OS on your computer It may be worth a try to do a restore using that .
One question I do have is where did you get the OS your using? You list 10.3.3 type and that is NOT for the 8300 type phones. Is the model type 8300 or a newer phone.
If it is a newer BB10 version phone then you might try looking at the forum post on OS upgrades and try a re-download

JSanders posting here

If it is 8300 type look here

General 8300 Series Discussion - Curve - BlackBerry Forums Support Community

brain 04-05-2017 08:50 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
Well, after the initial reload, I guess it was a mistake to go ahead and let my computer re-download the latest software updates and push the OS update to the BB again, because I have the same problem.

Regarding device & OS versions, this is a BB Classic, with this specific information in Settings -> about:

Model: Blackberry Classic (Verizon) - not a Curve
Model Number: SQC100-3
OS: Blackberry 10
Software Release:
OS Version:
Build ID: 903214
Cryptographic Kernel Version :
WLAN Version: 1.1
Radio Version:

Once or twice now in the last week, it has actually found the wireless network when leaving the house after going to the red X at home. But the rest of the time, once it goes red and I then enter coverage area, it give me a brief message, "Search for wireless network." This message then disappears, and the red X / no network persists, even if I turn the wireless radio off and back on while in good coverage area. But it always connects perfectly if I restart.

Is there any way to report this as a bug to the BB OS developers?

knottyrope 04-05-2017 09:32 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
BBOS is the old java based OS on a curve, bold, pearl, torch etc

BB10 QNX is what you are running and BB10 devs are the one you want to notify

official forums have closed, not sure what action you can take now unless it is in warranty, you can call support

tsac 04-05-2017 10:12 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
Wow , That why this forum is good. I did some checking and found out Verizon does support the BB10 OS on the classic phone but I cannot find it's Verizon model number. Not sure it's called 8300

Verizon does offer a web site for support and it does detail the BB10 upgrade along with a lot of other info. Really good stuff.

knottyrope 04-05-2017 01:10 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
OP stated in first post he was on a Classic with OS 10.x

he might not know how to change his phone type in the control panel of the site

tsac 04-05-2017 02:14 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
Yes, I just looked at his listed BB type. I guess many do not realize they can go to the User CP to make updates.

brain 04-05-2017 06:20 PM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
OP here.

I finally realized that there is a Classic-specific forum here. I just went straight for the generic BB General forum when I first posted. Then, when I did try to post to the Classic forum, it failed four or five times in the last couple of days--maybe some cookie issue, Java script not running, or something. But I finally got that posted. I did check the Verizon BB Classic site linked here, but it is not as though there is a link there to click "If after this update, your phone fails to regain its cell connection after being out of area...". They just list all the "benefits" of the upgrade (I have yet to see any of those). I just need this to work without having to reboot every day. I am missing calls now over this and finding messages hours later, when I finally remember to reboot the phone. I would definitely settle for going back a version on the OS, but how? Maybe I can just wait to see if someone posts in the BB Classic forum; I try not to cross-post, but it seems I have muddied the waters a bit by posting in the BB General forum instead of BB Classic.

brain 04-06-2017 09:39 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
Side note: I did try changing from my old 8300 (Curve) in the UserCP; however, it will not let me enter "Classic" or SQC100-3, which is what my BB says it is. It seems to be limited to five characters. So I went ahead and updated it, but about the best I can do is "Class".

tsac 04-07-2017 10:03 AM

Re: BB not picking up cell network when in range
See that. I have been looking for options on your problem and Verizon really does not have much nor does BB. As suggested by KnottyRope you might try calling support or visiting a Verizon store and see what they will offer. If the upgrade for the OS was their suggestion it might work in your favor in getting a new replacement or maybe a free upgrade. They offer the PRIV now.

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