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dwella 02-28-2006 10:17 PM

AT&T Unlocking??
Has anyone had experience working with them to get BB's unlocked? I have several 7280's that are locked and would like to have AT&T unlock them.....Is that possible? I have like 16 any recomendations? Thanks


NJBlackBerry 02-28-2006 11:10 PM

Since AT&T Wireless doesn't exist, that may be difficult. Check with GSMPhoneSource and see if they can unlock them.

dwella 02-28-2006 11:13 PM

Thanks that was my other question ....If they don't excist who do you call??? Cingular...


NJBlackBerry 02-28-2006 11:14 PM

Cingular will tell you they can't unlock AT&T BlackBerrys. Bongo Wireless or GSMPhoneSource would be my best bets.

dwella 02-28-2006 11:40 PM



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