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Mixx 05-09-2006 03:54 AM

Calendar Sync Problem: Private entries

I have a strange problem: the private flag of my calendar entries do not get synched over wireless, but all other fields work fine.

I use a BB 8700 4.1, Desktop SW 4.1 and BES 3.6. The PIM is configured such that Calendar is synched over Blackberry Wireless. The fields of a calendar entry are assigned by default. Suprisingly, there are not too manyx field listed for the Wireless translator (less than for Outlook). The Private flag is not assigned, as there is no private flag offered in the list of fields on the Wireless (left hand) side. This could be the problem.

However, the field "shown as" (for busy, tentative, out-of-office) is not assigned either (again, no field for wireless) nor is Place of meeting. However these synch correctly. Just the private flag does not.

The strange thing is, as far as I remember it did work the first day (before I started to "configure"), but I'm not certain.

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks, Mixx

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