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maskedviperus 05-14-2006 12:18 PM

New Blackberry user!
Hey everyone,
Im new to blackberry as of last thursday; bought a 7250 through sprint.

I have a few questions...

If i would do PIN to PIN messaging is that considered sms? If so, then i better sign up for unlimited (even though im probably going to anyways).

Are there ways to get new better ringtones?

Thats all i really need to know now! Im addicted to this thing already. All my email is forwarding to it, and google talk is pretty slick!

Oh, one more thing... GPS apps? What do you suggest?

Thanks for your help! Can't wait to be part of the community!


phetish phil 05-14-2006 12:29 PM

SMS is phone. PIN is data. PIN to PIN messaging counts against your data plan.

trustworthy 05-14-2006 12:35 PM

PIN goes through the BlackBerry Network as I understand it. You get delivery confirmation ( a "D" inside the check box) and the messages in my experience travel instantaneously.

maskedviperus 05-14-2006 01:18 PM

Cool! Thanks!

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