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a3196 06-06-2006 07:19 AM

EVDO For Earthlink phone Verizon service.

I tried to upgrade my phone to newer version and my phone is from earthlink and I'm using verizon... and couldn't upgrade to newer version. and can't use evdo

Anyone with same problem?

KonTiki 06-06-2006 09:37 AM

What do you mean you could not upgrade. The fact that is from Earthlink should not stop you from using any of the software's out there for the 7250. As far as EVDO is concerned, if your phone is indeed using the Verizon towers and network it may ust the EVDO, I am not sure if that is related to Earthlink itself since they do not have their own network to begin with. I think, mind you think, that you can upgrade and might be able to enjoy the EVDO unless Verizon has some way of blocking it on non Verizon phones, but it wont be because of the software that much I am sure off. I am a Verizon customer that is using Telstra (From Australia) software on my unit and I am running EVDO with no problems.

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