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crownrahul 06-10-2006 01:53 AM

hi dear all newbie here
HI, Dear All,

I have Nokia 9500 Blackberry, I need to know, who is the service providers of blackberry. right now i have Airtel India mobile connections.

I need the name of blackberry service providers in these cities .

New York =
Bangkok =
Hong Kong =
Bagota =


Rahul Mehra

EricaJ1074 06-10-2006 02:00 AM

I believe Hong Kong has CSL and 3. New York has Verizon and several other carriers. I am not sure about the other 2.

crownrahul 06-10-2006 02:18 AM

hi, thanks
Hi EricaJ1074,

thanks you very much for this informations.


NJBlackBerry 06-10-2006 03:14 AM

Partial information..

New York: Cingular and T-Mobile for GSM; Verizon and Sprint for CDMA; Nextel for iDen. Since Airtel is part of Bharti, which is a GSM carrier, you can ignore Verizon, Sprint and Nextel. The carriers in New York are Cingular and T-Mobile.

Bangkok has several GSM carriers; AIS and Orange have EDGE services. AIS worked well for me there.

Hong Kong also has several carriers; 3, CSL and PCCW wireless are a few - there are others.

Bogota - Colombia Movil SA, Comunicacion Celular SA Comcel SA and Movistar all offer mobile services; one or more offers BlackBerry coverage. has a lot of information.

crownrahul 06-10-2006 03:58 AM

Hi Dear NJBlackBerry,

thanks fro nice information.



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