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cjs703 07-14-2006 02:56 PM

Blackberry e-mail via IMAP with t-mobile problem

I just spent a lot of time attempting to have my blackberry 8700g work correctly with my IMAP server at home. I set everything up through T-mobile's BIS 2.0 interface. The problem that I'm having is getting my sent mail properly put into a sent mail folder. The IMAP server was originally courier-imap, but I read in a post somewhere that the BIS doesn't support NAMESPACE and won't work correctly with courier in finding your folders outside of the inbox. I tried to fix that by switching over to dovecot IMAP, but I got the same results. In both cases I can receive mail on the blackberry that goes into the account, but when I reply there is no sent mail to be found even though there is an immediate connection into the IMAP server. Also, I'm wondering if my messages will be marked as replied to once this is working properly.

Any helps, advice or tips would be appreciated.


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