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mirateck 07-20-2006 10:29 PM

Questions about BB service/8700g from a BB newbie
i purchased a TMobile MDA last weekend and I absolutely hate it. i wanted so bad to like the device, but after so many hours with tech support just to get email synced and wi-fi working i've decided that it's just not worth it.

that being said (apologies for the rant), i'm returning my MDA this weekend and exchanging it for a Blackberry 8700g. i need is push email (gmail and my work email), AIM, simple PIM applications and an EDGE speed browser and the 8700g it seems to fit the bill. i have some questions i hope the community can answer:

- the company i work for is quite small and is not BES equipped. can i still have my work email pushed to the Blackberry? what features other than wireless syncing do i lose by not having a BES-enabled server?
- can i sync my device (via USB) with 2 different computers? for example, i want the phone to sync with my work computer to keep my contacts up to date and also sync with my home laptop to update my rss feeds every morning.
- is the OZ AIM client (included with the 8700g) a capable messaging client? i was spoiled with a sidekick for some time and every other mobile AIM program that i have worked with since falls short by comparison. many of my business contacts are on aim so its essential that i'm connected for heavy messaging back and forth.

thanks everyone. i'm looking forward to my new 8700g

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