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kingc223 08-18-2006 03:53 PM

T-mobile 8700g on BES

We seem to be having some trouble getting a T-mobile 8700g activated on our BES. The handheld says activating and you never see any progress or does it ever finish, let alone start to do anything. On the BES the user is initializing and the two never seem to make any communication. We do see the temp activation email go into the user's outlook inbox and then dissapear.

I know we activated only one other T-mobile berry like this and there was some playing around with it before it would take, but this one is a no go. We normally setup Cingular and Nextel Berry's.

Any ideas in what could be the issue here? I also deleted and recreated the user on the BES, completely reset the Berry numerous times and no filters are active on the user's exchange account.



danl_kramer 08-18-2006 04:31 PM

Well, I've got the same device on T-Mobile and have BES working. There were 2 things that had to happen:

1) We had to get the "corperate email" option from T-Mobile. Apperently this wasn't nessisary before and we just needed to get the unlimited internet plan to connect to my works server.. but apparently T-Mobile now blocks that traffic if you don't buy the extra $10 option

2) I had a filter on the server side of my outlook mail that put mail sent to only me in a subfolder.. not in my inbox. As a result the connection didn't happen till I turned that rule off becuase the BES wasn't seeing the mail in the inbox (sounds like that's not a problem for you though)

anyway, that's all I found
good luck

kingc223 08-21-2006 08:33 AM

Thanks for your suggestion....We did activate one other T-Mobile Berry and was aware they had to pay the extra for Corp Email support. We saw the activation icon on his Berry and figured it was setup for on his account based on this as they last one did not have it until they paid for it. I am verifying with T-Mobile this option is activated on there account, since I cannot find any filters or reason to why this unit will not activate on the BES.



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