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MWG70 08-21-2006 08:37 PM

Is it the Browser/frames or something else?
Bare with me folks, this is not a real problem, but something I am just trying to figure out.

I have 7130e with Verizon - fully updated.

At work I am not on a BES. I occasionally have problems with Mail Connector not forwarding my email. When I try to use web access with the BB browser, its a mess (lots of garbled text and missing elements), I assume because of how it handles frames. With the latest version of Mini-Opera, I at least can access my exchange server via the web and see my email in a much better manner.

In fiddling with it, I tried to test another site, in this case, the Long Island Railroad schedule website which oddly appears to "work" with both browsers..except, when you try to enter from what "station to" and "station from" you can select them from the drop down menus, but as soon as you hit the "see schedules" button, it refreshes the page - you get no schedule and the options reset to default (from Penn Station to Penn Station). Is this a frames issue or something else (common to both browsers)?

You can try it here:

Just curious....any thoughts on why this happens?

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