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BlackBerryInReno 08-23-2006 04:07 PM

Synching Contacts with 1 BB and 2 Outlooks
I was having trouble with Intellisync seeing all the changes I made when trying to keep 2 copies of Outlook and my BB in synch (I only synch contacts/address book). I found a workaround and I'm posting it on the chance someone else has the same problem. I have version of the BB Desktop Manager.

I started with an empty address book in my BB and synched it with my work Outlook. I then went home, cleared my Outlook contacts there and synched it with my BB. So far so good. I then made a few changes in my home Outlook and re-synched with the BB. That worked. However, when I tried to synch the BB with my work Outlook, it reported no changes.

At my work computer, I chose Configure PIM, selected the ASCII Importer/Exporter and exported all contacts from the BB to a text file. I then changed Configure PIM back to Outlook and when I synchronized, it "saw" the changes and updated Outlook. I suspect Intellisync keeps some sort of internal log to avoid doing a complete field-by-field comparison when synching, which is fine unless you're using another copy of Intellisync elsewhere. Changing the PIM clears this log and forces a full comparison when changed back to Outlook. It's not very elegant, but it works.

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