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pierre15208 09-13-2006 01:18 PM

BB 8100 and Businesses
Now that the new 8100 is out on the streets and it has all of the functions that BB owners want but security minded businesses dread, my question is how will businesses react. It's safe to say that businesses won't purchase large amounts of 8100's for fleet use because of the memory card support and the camera, but how about individuals that work for a company that uses BlackBerries for company use, but these users may be interested in an 8100 because of the increased functionality, and will want their business to support it.

Will the companies say :
1. "No, we won't put your personal BB on our system, due to security concerns.", or will they just

2. Purchase 8100's and have them modified so that the SD card and camera are disabled? ( In that case they're better off staying with 8700's), or will they:

3. Go ahead and allow the 8100 to be supported on their systems and just hope for the best. Also:

4. Are the 8100's modfied by RIM so they can't be used on a BES system?

My BB is not BES enabled, so I admit I do not have much knowledge how businesses employ BB's via BES. I'm just curious as to how corporations will handle the release of the 8100.

rambo47 09-13-2006 01:21 PM

The 8100's are not modified by RIM in any way to prevent BES use. I'm personally using BIS for personal use only, but lots of folks have set them up for BES.

BBAdmin 09-13-2006 01:22 PM

All of the above are personal choice apart from point 4, to which the answer is No.

Companies either won't buy them, or they'll buy them and lock the IT policies down a bit (unless they're stupid). RIM have thought this through to ensure everyone is happy and security remains intact.

takeshi 09-14-2006 08:26 AM

It will be handled pretty much the same as any other BB out there...

IT policies exist on the BES to lock down features as BBAdmin mentioned. For companies that don't want them at all they simply won't order them. Our execs might get the option to choose them but the rest of our user base probably won't as I doubt we would support the camera, memory slot, or multimedia features.

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