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grellis 03-15-2005 02:49 PM

Nextel 7520 email issues today
Is anyone else experiencing trouble with their desktop redirector today? I wasn't getting any emails this morning. Now I am getting some of my emails but some are getting bounced back in my outlook with this message:
To: [email address]

Subj: RIM_bca2.....
Sent: 2005-03-15 14:21

has encountered repeatedly delivery problems.

Reason: No answer from host
The outbound connection attempt was not answered either because the
remote system was busy or otherwise unable to take a call.


I also got one message that says:

Reason: Mail system full
Mail system storage has been exceeded.


Is the blackberry network experiencing problems, or is this just limited to my setup?

chuy 03-15-2005 08:16 PM

Looks like somebody tried to do the Enterprise Activation.

I did that a while back... Oops.

What you want to do to stop that will be to go to Options -> Enterprise Activation -> Menu - > Cancel.

You'll still get a few more of those, but you won't get any more after roughly two hours.

Just so you know, Enterprise Activation is only for BES users.

Hope this helps!

grellis 03-15-2005 08:39 PM

I checked the Enterprise activation it only gives me the option to "Activate" so I don't think I did that.

I did have to resend my service books this morning and run the dbclean utility because my encryption failed to generate properly. I was getting that "Transaction failed - Decryption failure. "

What's wierd is I can send messages through the desktop fine.

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