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yellowdog 03-21-2005 01:13 AM

Setting Up Blackberry Web Client with Outlook
Is it possible to add my blackberry web client email account to outlook, so I can send and receive messages there as well as on my handheld? If so, what are the appropriate outgoing and incoming server settings? I am using tmobile service if that makes any difference (ie my email is \"[email).

MobileRC 03-21-2005 06:31 AM

hmm good question. try it with imap settings

penk 03-21-2005 03:43 PM

How To - View a BlackBerry account in Microsoft Outlook

Last Modified: 08 November 2004

Article Number: KB-02481


This article applies to the following:
  • BlackBerry® Web Client
  • BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds™
  • Microsoft Outlook® 2000 and Outlook XP

You can view your BlackBerry account by opening a browser in Outlook. Step 1 describes how to add a home page to a BlackBerry Web Client folder in Outlook. Step 2 describes how to access your BlackBerry account in Outlook.

Step 1

To add the BlackBerry Web Client home page to a folder in Outlook:
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. If the Folder List is not visible, in the View menu, click Folder List.
  3. From the Folder List, right-click the Inbox and select New Folder.
  4. In the Name field, type BlackBerry Web Client.
  5. From the Folder contains drop-down list, ensure that Mail Items is selected and click OK.
  6. From the Folder List, right-click the BlackBerry Web Client folder and select Properties.
  7. Click the Home Page tab and type the URL of your BlackBerry Web Client in the Address field.
  8. Select the Show home page by default for this folder check box, and click OK.
Step 2

To access your BlackBerry account in Outlook:
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. From the Folder List, open the BlackBerry Web Client folder. The BlackBerry Web Client home page appears.
  3. Type in your authentication information on the BlackBerry Web Client home page. For example, type your User ID and password, or the code given to you by your service provider.
Note: You can view your BlackBerry account in Outlook but messages will not be imported to Outlook from your account.

Additional Information


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PCW 03-21-2005 09:15 PM

I believe the OP wants to know if one can set up an email client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. for his Blackerry email address, as opposed to logging in via the web client.

The steps offered in the previous post regarding Outlook merely demonstrate another method of opening a browser to access the Blackerry Web Client, which is what the OP doesn't want to do.

I believe this question was posted some time ago, and the consensus was that the ability to access your Blackberry email via a POP or IMAP client was not possible. Hopefully it will be offered in the future, as many of us would value such a utility.

Steve 03-21-2005 10:50 PM


How To - View a BlackBerry account in Microsoft Outlook
Hehe. "And if that doesn't work, please check to see if your computer is plugged in!"

Customer Service!! ARRGGHH! Another reason for user participated BBForums!

The way I do it is by using a separate e-mail address/domain that is forwarded to the BCW(BIS) / handheld and set the reply from as the external account. This way, you don't give out your [email address] to anyone. If someone starts spamming your alias, you can change that, but your real bb account stays the same. Once spamming hits your BB account directly, it'll be hard to filter out in BWC.

Then, I also POP3 that external account so now I have both on my handheld and on the PC. You can set automatic BCC to your address and receive copies of your sent items too.


Zro 03-23-2005 04:00 AM

I don't want to sound negative, and I'd love for someone to prove me wrong, but I don't think it's possible to do IMAP or POP to the web client mailbox. Imagine how much traffic that would cause on a carriers network...imagine that each person has thier outlook set to check every 10 minutes...that's a lot of connections every 10 minutes...


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