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directive0 03-21-2005 11:31 AM

Copying and distributing adress and email
(first off, let me clarify that I performed 4 search strings before I decided to register and post. I expect alot of you to roll your eyes, odds are if you don't know exactly what search string to enter, you won't get the result you were looking for. I browsed several pages of results, and nothing worked so here I am, be gentle)


I have a blackberrry 6710 with my employers'

Adress Book
and Calenders

that need to be moved and stored on a central server in a format that we can use and edit (vCard, vCal, outlook, whatever, just as long as I can distribute and edit it). I have backedup the entire PIM data, but the format is proprietary and despite shuffling through the manual I can't seem to get the information in the format I want. What I am requesting is either a link to a thread that will help, or a post with info or a link to software that can convert the backedup data stream. If I simply overlooked the thread I want and its staring me in the face I apologize in advance, but I am kinda under the gun here.

I really do appreciate any help you can give me.
Much obliged.

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