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NaTaS 11-02-2006 08:07 PM

Company Provided BB W/Data-Only
I am about to get my new BB (8703e) from my company and it will be on the data-only plan from Verizon. My question is this; can I get my personal Verizon cell phone number ported over to the BB and keep paying the voice while the data/BB bill goes to my company? Will there be two seperate service invoices or would the only way to do something like this be to have a single plan with data and voice on the same bill?

Thanks for any help.

rambo47 11-02-2006 08:16 PM

You'd have to ask Verizon about that one. I've never heard of separate bills for data and voice plans. Also, it's possible that your company has an IT policy on the Blackberry that prohibits voice.

southwestcomm 11-02-2006 09:29 PM

Nextel, err Sprint now, is the only company that offers that feature.

FroogleThis 11-02-2006 09:34 PM

I hate saying this, but call and ask nicely, and if they refuse, ask to speak to someone in a more authoritative position, but be nice about it. Just give them a nice little rash about how much you love Verizon's coverage, and that you can't imagine having to switch to another carrier blah blah blah. Everytime I've called to ask something ridiculous, and remained nice throughout the entire engagement, I've received positive results.

southwestcomm 11-03-2006 12:08 AM

It's not a matter of whether VZ wants to offer it - it's a matter of their billing system. I've not known of any carrier other than Nextel that offered the split billing offer.

Hoop 11-03-2006 12:17 AM

Sprint allows this?

That would be fantastic!

DKatman 11-03-2006 01:46 AM

I administer the Blackberry data portion for my office. We use T-mobile. At our office, if we have someone who wants to use their BlackBerry as a phone, we have them assume responsibility for the phone (with data). We transfer everything over to their name. They receive and pay for the bill. We then have them submit an expense report (about every three months to cut down on the accounting work) to recoup the fees for the data portion.

You may want to speak to your company also, and see if they are willing to let you do this.

Good Luck,


southwestcomm 11-03-2006 11:45 PM

Sprint allows it only on the iDEN devices. It was offered by Nextel prior to the merger. It isn't available on CDMA devices.

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