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brian7520 11-07-2006 03:11 PM

please help,7520 ?s no internet icon
hello,i have a blackberry 7520 i use on the nextel network,i just bought this,i put my sim card into it and i get no icon for nol web,i have internet on my sim card but nothing is showing up on the main screen of my blackberry to go line.
whats wrong???
also when i go to pin another blackberry user i cant!!it wont let me pin anyone or go on line,so please help me out im going crazy here!!!
thank you in advance

paulbblc 11-07-2006 03:22 PM

First and foremost do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan? If not, no email and no internet. You might an Internet plan on your account but if it's not a BlackBerry Data Plan you'll be out of luck.

dc/dc 11-07-2006 03:43 PM

Also, not to pick nits, but this is the 7100 section.

paulbblc 11-07-2006 03:46 PM

Oh snap!

*moving thread to General BlackBerry Discussion*

dc/dc 11-07-2006 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by paulbblc
Oh snap!

*moving thread to General BlackBerry Discussion*


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