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ghrant 11-08-2006 02:31 PM

Fonts and text accents
I have a system that attaches text disclaimers to all our outgoing email in our company. I've discovered that when users reply to a message (using a blackberry) that contains the disclaimer in the original message it turns those accented characters into dingbats (altérés become altxxx40105;s, for example).

This doesn't happen when I change the outgoing disclaimer to plain text, but the problem with that "fix" is that the disclaimer does not display in html based email (like Yahoo), so that is not an option my lawyers are willing to accept. I've also tried different fonts but the problem persists.

I'm wondering if there this someway to get the BB device to reply only in plain text? That might solve some of the issues for me. Anyone know how to do this?

Using BES 4.1 and Exchange 2003 and all the latest BB devices (haven't tested the Pearl)

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