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yustonuser 11-09-2006 10:33 AM

Sent email oddity
Guys - I was hoping one of the gurus could help here - I have had a BB for 3+ years and something happened last night that is puzzling.

We had some issues yesterday with email not syncing, which seemed to be resolved but then last night something happened that never happened before- email that I sent from my desktop showed up on my 8700c as sent items? This never happened since I got it - only items that I send from my BB show up. When you click on it, it just says "More available..."

Is there something setup wrong on our BES? Under options, I have it set to wireless reconcile and have it to Show sent items, but again, in the past that meant showing me sent items I send from my handheld!

Let me know - maybe our BES Admin during working set it to show my sent items, but I'm not even sure that is an option.


Pizzle 11-09-2006 10:49 AM

Did you recently update your BES? Every e-mail that I send via Outlook shows up as a sent item on my BB. I love it, as I can go back and access sent items to resend or forward if necessary...

I'd check with your Admin and see if they recently did an update.

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