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yo_fishy 12-01-2006 10:15 AM

Unable to delete Filed Message
I have user who has a message that he is unable to delete. I'm trying to avoid hooking up to desktop software and clearing all the messages. I have fixed it like this before but I've noticed that it clears "all" messages including "saved" and anything that has been filed to folders on the Blackberry. Plus, reconciling those folders doesn't bring them back either. Hide Filed messages is set to yes but that doesn't get rid of it either.

I was able to duplicate the issue on my BB by trying to file a message from my inbox to the sent folder. It turned the mail icon to the left of the message to a folder showing it was filed but I was unable to delete, move to another folder. Blowing out the the device also fixes this but I'm trying to avoid that too. I hooked up the device to desktop software and tried just clearing the folders but that did not work. I cleared the messages on mine through desktop and that fixed it. Anyone ever see anything like this or have a fix that a user can do remotely from there BB if they are unable to use DM. User is on a BES 4.0 server and is using an 8700c. Any help is much appreciated.

yo_fishy 12-01-2006 12:27 PM

Nevermind. There is no way around using the desktop software. It's just a corrupt email message. Take a backup of your messages through the Advanced part of the Backup/Restore through desktop software. Wipe all messages by clearing them through desktop software. Pull the battery to clear all memory in case the BB is holding on to something. Connect back to DM and restore the messages. It restores everything to the way it was and does not restore the corrupt message. This was RIM's best suggestion and it worked fine. Unable to clear message from the device itself, need the DM. Thanks for reading.

tsac 12-01-2006 03:04 PM

Sometimes messages get out of sync with the internal directory list and has you found out Rim suggests the method you stated. I have had to use this also. fortunatly this is very very uncommon.

mdwatts 12-04-2006 01:26 PM

im having that issue right now, cant get a sent message to delete. how do you do this again? not sure on the explanation above. o, this is on a 7100i...... thanks

MotoUp 12-04-2006 01:28 PM

I had the same problem not too long ago. All I did was pull the battery, and it cleared right out.

mdwatts 12-04-2006 01:31 PM


Originally Posted by MotoUp
I had the same problem not too long ago. All I did was pull the battery, and it cleared right out.

tried that, didnt work. not sure what else to try.......

yo_fishy 12-04-2006 07:02 PM

Connect your device to your desktop software. Double click backup/restore and then click on the advanced tab. Highlight your messages in the right hand pane and click the left arrow to bring it over to the left hand pane. Click File and Save your backup. Now, highlight the messages in the right hand pane again and click on clear. Leave the software up, disconnect the BB and pull the battery for 30 seconds and when the BB loads up, all messages should be gone including the corrupt one. Connect the BB again to USB and with the advanced windows still open, highlight the messages you backed up in the left hand pane, click the right arrow to bring them back, click ok to restore. All of your message should restore except the corrupt one. If you do see it there when the messages are restored, you will now be able to delete it. Let me know. Worked for me 3 times now.

mdwatts 12-04-2006 08:57 PM

got it to delete........ thanks all.....

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