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wlee309 04-01-2005 04:38 PM

Desktop not synching
I upgraded from a Nextel 7510 to a 7520. I had no issues synching up my 7510 and in the early times when I first got my 7520, had no problems snyching outlook to upload my addresses into my new 7520.

However, about a month ago my blackberry stopped synching up. At first, it fails to recognize my BB but when moving the USB cable to a different port, it was able to detect it. However, in Desktop Manager, it would not recognize my blackberry device despite having the Handheld Manager seeing it.

I since then uninstalled the desktop app (full installation from RIM...manual Registry and windows deletion of files) and DL;'ed the latest desktop manager from RIM but still no success. On teh advice of another forum member, I also tried taking out my battery and putting it back. I don't hv any problems synching up at work but need to backup personal stuff for home. help....

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