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smallville20 01-15-2007 11:35 AM

Google Talk and MSN
Good morning all...

I've posted this questions on Miranda IM's forum... but have yet to receive a response for it. I am providing the link and posting the question here as well. Hopefully, because this issue is related to this forum's suggestion of using Google Talk and Jabber (on Miranda IM) for MSN... somebody here has experienced this as well and may have some input.

Thanks in advance for your time.

MSN avatar issue - Miranda IM Forums



I'm doing something somewhat unconventional with Miranda IM and the Jabber protocol. The Jabber protocol is setup to use the MSN transporter to allow access to my MSN contacts.

My MSN contacts are noticing that my avatar when connected to MSN is different than that of my avatar when connected to Jabber. So basically, when on MSN, they see the avatar that I want them to see. When on Jabber (acting as MSN), they see a different avatar.

I have made several attempts to set my MSN avatar on Miranda IM, but this does not seem to update the avatar when connected to Jabber. Am I wrong in assuming that the avatar, like contacts, would be updated when applied? Has anybody else experienced this and have you found a way to get them to match?

FYI: The reason for the Jabber protocol being setup with the MSN transporter is so that I can access my MSN contacts through Google Talk on my BlackBerry device.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Take care.

smallville20 01-17-2007 08:16 AM


My apologies for this, but I have yet to find a resolution for this.

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